February 24, 2015

Mercedes Marathon

*Disclaimer: This post is full of pictures… I would apologize, but I’m not sorry. I documented my entire first marathon.* I spent Saturday hanging out with all the Nuun Hood to Coast people that came in to run the race… we had so many laughs! It was a great reminder of why I love that […]


February 12, 2015

Mercedes Preview Course Run

  Hi. Remember me? I used to blog here. I can’t promise that I am back on a regular basis, but I’m going to give this thing a try again. Especially with my very first FULL MARATHON coming up. I love the Mercedes Marathon… it’s honestly one of the best races that I have ever […]

February 18, 2014

Merecedes Half Marathon 2014

Saturday night was my normal pre race shuffle of laying out my outfit (had to decide what to wear first!), gathering all of my stuff to take, making my race playlist, etc.   When I got off the interstate, so much adrenaline coursed through me that I thought I was going to vomit. And they […]