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Make Time For Family - eMeals Blog

mommy needs a time out

Home Invasion

We have a home invasion, people. Just in case you don’t follow on the Twitter.. the stomach bug has infiltrated our house. Claire woke with it yesterday and threw up in my bed. I thought it was a fluke. But then, she threw up in the living room. I went into her room to find her bed covered in throw up. Why hadn’t the Hubs or the 4 year old mentioned that as I snoozed to the new Disney Junior? So, I pulled off her sheets and washed them. She wanted some juice so I gave it to her. Then she had diarrhea. So I changed her and her outfit. Not 3 minutes later, she threw up all that juice in the hallway floor and the slipped and fell in it. DRAMA. A 2 year old vomiting is straight up drama, y’all. They don’t know it’s coming. You don’t know it’s coming. So all you can do is hope it will come out of your Pottery Barn rug. 
I called the dr. They called me back an hour and half later. Told me to watch for signs on dehydration, try to keep fluids down her, and that we were all going to get it. Awesome.
My sis had some phenergan gel from when they had it(yes, I know you aren’t supposed to share drugs, but we are a medical family and my pharmacist AKA step dad told me to do it.) so we got that in Claire. Put clean sheets on her bed. Made her drink some gatorade. Then.. you guessed it. She threw up in her bed. John- who is wearing a mask inside the house at all times and eating meals on the back deck- gave her a bath, I stripped her bed again and washed the sheets again.. put down some ghetto bedding and let her go back to sleep. 
I think she threw up at least 12 times. I gave her a last dose of the phenergan gel, gave her a little gatorade, waited to see if she would throw that up and then put her to bed. She woke about 15 minutes later vomiting in her bed. 
John had gone to his parents house as to not catch it and little Addison is who helped me get things cleaned up. 
Claire ended up in my bed at 2:30 this morning and Addison in there at 5:45. 
I slowly introduced fluids to her and she seemed fine with it. Until she got into Addison’s goldfish crackers. She threw up and then passed out standing up at the ottoman. 
Then, at lunchtime today, Addison started with it. And I am not feeling so hot now, so I am praying we get over this before we leave Wednesday. 
I am guessing there isn’t a 10 mile run in my weekend plans anymore. 
I also don’t know if this makes sense. I apologize if it doesn’t. 

Slacker.. I’m a slacker.

This is my Me Monday picture.. on Thursday.

Me Monday

Where has this week gone? Claire started Pre School on Tuesday and I finally got back into my running shoes today. My goal was 5 miles. Around mile 2, I started getting these headaches I get when I run. I’m not sure if I am dehydrated or not getting enough oxygen, but they won’t go away until I stop and take some Motrin or Alieve. Also, a new ailment poked it’s ugly head out. A slight knee pain just below my right knee. It isn’t killer, but definitely bothersome. Any ideas what that could be and how I can fix it?? Anyway, I didn’t get 5 miles done.. it was 2.45 and I am beating myself up about it.

So, the Disney Princess Half is less than 2 months away. I feel like I am slightly better trained this go ’round, but nowhere where I need to be. Life keeps getting in the way. I realize that running should be a priority and it is, but my family and children come first, so, I guess guilt is what is getting in the way. Having to leave my girls to go run seems so selfish to me. But honestly, I feel like I could tear the walls down if I don’t get those running shoes on. I am mean and snappy and I honestly don’t sleep as good.

Claire turns 2 this weekend… I am not ready for that either. On a happier note, (because I feel like this is turning into a poor, pitiful me) I am really getting some stuff done around the house. New pillows, new ottoman, finishing up decorating the girls room. I still have the playroom to do, but I am trying to slow down and relax a little. These projects are consuming me.


I ended up calling my OB/GYN yesterday and this is how the phone conversation proceeded:

Me: Hi! I’m a patient of Dr.F’s and I am having some problems. I started having cramps last night in my lower abdomen around my ovaries, and then proceeded to start throwing up. I haven’t thrown up today, but I am really hurting around my ovaries and was wondering if maybe I had a cyst to rupture? I would just like to talk to one of the nurses,please.”

Mean Lady: “Well, she is going to want you to come in. How is Friday afternoon?”

Me: I can’t do Friday. Is there anything sooner?

Mean Lady: Well then, can you do Tuesday? (In a snooty voice)

Me: *sigh* yes, Tuesday is fine. Am I still going to get to talk to a nurse today? Can someone call me back?

Mean Lady: Oh no. That’s not likely.

Uhhh okay. Please tell me, what is the point of having doctors if and when you have a FREAKING problem, you can’t get into see them that day? Please tell me how 6 days from now, this dr. appt is going to help me? This is ridiculous. I didn’t call to be cock blocked by some stupid receptionist. I wanted to talk to someone. To see what I can do to aliviate pain. I can’t even pick up my daughter b/c it hurts. Please tell me how this helps anyone?? Besides, when you go to these drs it’s an all day affair anyway.

But, I am already feeling better. Just a little sore and extremely bloated. I have a muffin top over my jeans. I prefer elastic waist pants today.

On a different note… My weight loss is going pretty well. I got down to 136.5 a couple of weeks ago, and the WW peeps decided I needed less points and I kind of fell apart. And got sick. And with the bloating, I am back up to 139. Which isn’t so bad. But I wanted to be 135 at Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t look like that will happen. Sad day.

Is today Monday?

This morning, I was to meet Natalie, who is my partner in crime for the Disney Princess Half. We have started running two mornings a week together to prepare for our 13.1 mile journey in a few months. As I sat in the car, waiting on her to get there, I started thinking about last night when I was putting the finishing touches on my new photography blog. I was in the section about myself and I thought Who Am I? I am a photographer. A Mom. A Wife. And…. a runner. I love it. I get down on myself a lot about it. Maybe I’m not as fast as someone else, or have the motivation to get up before the sun to run– which is when I actually have time to do it, and it really makes my day better. BUT… I do love it. I never thought that would be a part of me. Pushing myself to succeed in something, has never been my strong suit. If it doesn’t come easily, I get discouraged and quit. But, running has taught me in the past year, to get better at anything, it takes WORK. Lots of it. A better wife. A better Mom. A better photographer. A better Christian. All of these things take DAILY work. So, it was in that moment, that I decided, I am not okay being mediocre. In anything. I want to be the best that I can be. I most likely, will never win a race, but just completely them is more than enough for me. So, I seriously slowed my pace today and was able to chit chat with Natalie during our run, but guess what? I ran two whole miles without stopping to walk, while carrying on a conversation with someone not in my head.

That, my friends, was an accomplishment for me. I can’t tell you the last time I ran through pain, and the thought to stop never crossed my mind.

Of course, I then came home to a daughter who had a MAJOR accident in her bed… to the point she peed through her pull up, which also had poop in it, and she smelled like a homeless person. It stunk up our entire house. I had to wash all her bedding and spray our house and light candles. I kid you not, people. She smelled like a homeless person. We had to hose her down in the shower, which she didn’t care for. AT ALL.

The rest of the morning went smoothly, until, I decided to take out one more bag of trash and I picked up the trash bag and there was standing liquid in the bottom of the trash can. Awesome. Our trash can is now sitting outside after being hosed down. Gross.

I’m hoping that the rest of the day gets better. No one said that motherhood was a glamorous job.

Question of the Day: Those of you that have running partners, do you run with ipods and not talk, do you talk, or what do you do while you run with them?

Ahh.. Saturday.

Saturday. A day for relaxing. Right? Well, what was going to be a fun day for Princesses, quickly turned to crap. A stop at Duchess Doughnuts, first thing, earned Addison the beating of her life because she ran out into the road after I told her to stay right by me. 
Yes, I beat the crap out of her in the middle of the road. Right after I had my heart attack.
She continued to not listen, which had me wondering if she is just now starting to get jealous of Claire? Is that even possible? 
I must show you my new snack. Toast, Nutella, and banana. YUMMY. 
Also thought I would share my new favorite summer dish. It’s called Summer Pasta. I used penne, because we had it at the house, but you can use any kind.
Mix 1 cup EVOO, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, 4 Roma tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper together and let it get to room temperature.
The keep to this, is letting the pasta cool off some. I noticed the last time that the cheese melted immediately, and caused for clumpy cheese, but I let it cool a little this time and it didn’t.
I mixed faster this time also.
Mmmm… yummy. If you like pasta, garlic, and tomatoes.. it’s delish.
But then.. I had this to do.. (Which didn’t get done.)
I blew up a pool and a bouncy ball and let the girls fight over them. Seriously.
The sat in the pool and watched Pinocchio.
And I looked like this at the end of the day. Crazy hair. Crazy eyes. Nutella on the face.

The moral of this story? Don’t let your husband go out of town for 3 days. Especially when your children are daddys girls.

Digging for Gold

As most 3 year olds and any child for that matter, Addison is constantly picking her nose. She does it a lot when she is getting embarrassed or trying to avoid doing something. Like, picking her nose is the hardest thing to do in the world and she couldn’t possibly be bothered with picking up her toys because she is doing important work by digging for gold. 

She has been having a really hard time taking naps lately, and is fighting them with all her will. So, I expected no less when I picked her up from pre-school on Monday. Only, she fights them there, by taking our her rubber bands and chewing on them until one of her teachers takes them away. When she got in the car, she told me that she stuck a rubber band up her nose. I told her that we do not stick things up our noses and and she nodded like she totally got it. 
The next day John was putting her down for her nap while I was blog stalking, and he called me into her room. “What does this look like to you? It looks like a rubber band” 
Me: “Well, she told me yesterday that she put a rubber band up there, but I assumed she got it out.”
John: ” Go get me some tweezers, please.”
On my way to get tweezers, I grabbed my camera( what? this was totally a blogging moment!) When Addison realized kinda how serious this was, she started getting scared. And crying, just because she was scared.

John was able to get it out, but I informed Addison the next time we might not be able to get it out ourselves and it would involve a trip to the ER with lots of needles and poking.

I think she understood, but now she has some strange freak out around anyone with a white coat. I don’t know what that is about. 

Nervous Energy…


Seriously. NERVOUS.
We leave for Disney on Friday. I know, I haven’t talked a LOT about this trip, because I am honestly scared. It’s my half marathon. IN 4 DAYS!!! I feel ready, but not. I am scared for how my body is going to react. Am I going to be able to finish? I KNOW it’s okay to walk, but I REALLY want to be able to keep those feetsies movin‘ to light jog, if I need to slow down. I ended up getting sick late last week and didn’t get in my 10 mile run and had to get a steroid shot to help get over my cold. So.. I am not 100%, but am getting there. My ears a still a little stopped up. My shins are bothering me a little bit, but lots of stretching and ice seem to help a LOT. How is my body going to react if I hit a wall? Should I carry a towel of some sort for sweat? Do I even want to mess with the Nike + system because the arm band makes my arm sweat and I hate that. Am I going to be too cold in a t-shirt and shorts? Should I try to get a running jacket or a long sleeve shirt? Am I even going to feel like being at Disney afterwards? Am I a crazy person? See.. lots of questions!! What do I need to do post race for myself?
So, since I have a TON of nervous energy, it means stuff around here is getting done. The stuff that no one else cares about. Like bow holders and hanging stuff up. Like, I want to repaint the hall to our bedroom.

So, I finally made the girls bow holders last night…
This is Claire’s…

I started with a blank canvas, since I always have those lying around, you could probably do some MDF board though.
I hot glued the edges around the back side of the canvas, but I would have rather done a staple gun, but was out of staples.

Folded the corners down and glued those.

Then I took coordinating ribbon and measured them out about 3 inches apart and hot glued those as well.
While I was at it, I hung up a bunch of stuff that I have had since before Claire was born. My friend Mal made the canvas for Claire.. How cute is that?? The picture frame and cross are from my sister. I know she will be happy to finally see something on Claire’s walls. P.S. I need a picture for the frame..

I also hung the coat rack that was from my sister in C’s closet.. oh look. The Duckie bag that was for Addison.. also from my sister. Do we think she loves my girls? I believe that answer is YES.
This is Addison’s bow holder.. she picked out the fabric herself… and she needs some stuff on the sides of it. Not sure what though…

Anyway… if any runner’s out there are reading and have some calming advice or answers to my questions, then feel free to leave it!

Oh Dear.

John was out of town for the end of last week as well as the weekend. He came home Sunday and it couldn’t have been a day sooner. While I love my baby girls and enjoyed all the snuggle time and the new snuggle buddy in my bed, Addison is a Daddy’s Girl. And it totally showed while he was away. Our days were complete with lots of whining, crying and general crankiness. ( I will say though, that she seemed to act better snuggled in my bed watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians with me) Anyway, I tried to take a shower during Claire’s nap time. I checked on Addison after I got out to make sure she wasn’t writing on the furniture or walls and she was moving her doll house. So, I went back to the bathroom and then I heard her come and shut my bedroom door.
That’s never a good sign. I came out.
“What have you done?”
She has an absolute look of terror on her face.
“Show me what you have been doing.”
I follow her into the living room and I don’t see any markings on the furniture. But… I can hear a weird popping noise. I turn towards the kitchen. And I see it.
Glass… everywhere. With a doll house sitting in the middle of it. I grab her up. She is twisting and screaming because she knows she is in trouble. I take her into my bedroom to lay her on the bed so I can spank her( don’t judge me, Earl) and I see it, blood on my leg. Blood on my towel. Blood on my pillow. The glass had cut her in her attempts to cover it up. I find the cuts on the bottom of her foot. I take her into the bathroom to inspect it and I am praying she doesn’t need stitches. She doesn’t. I clean it up, put a Princess Band-Aid on it, and tell her to sit on my bed so I can clean up the mess.
I figured she had been after a delicious cupcake that we had made the night before and knocked off the pot lid that I had cleaned and was letting dry.

After I cleaned up, I found this on my counter:
It’s a piece of gum, which is located here, in the second shelf of an upper cabinet.

The things she will do for gum. Her toes are healing and I cleaned up all the glass, but… STILL. I guess it’s life with a 3 year old.

Easily Entertained

It’s going to be one of those days. I can tell. It’s going to be extremely hard to keep the princesses entertained. Luckily, I am armed with my iMac and a narcissistic 3 year old.

Yes, we are in our pajamas. Don’t judge me, Earl.

Implanted… but not the kind you are thinking

I went to the doctor yesterday and had the Implanon implanted into my arm. It is a birth control implant that lasts for 3 years. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty pumped about it. The numbers are good for it, it is progesterone based, so I can continue to breast feed Claire, and I don’t have to worry about taking a pill everyday, which I ALWAYS forget. Seriously… I have a daily alarm to remind me to take my Concerta. So, I get there yesterday and get back into the room and the nurse brings the tray with all the goodies. I looked it over, you know, seeing if I noticed anything from my nursing school days. I saw that it was a sterile procedure. And then I spotted it. The label. Implanon. I read over the outside of it. Then, I turned it over. *GASP* I shouldn’t have done that. The needle was enormous!

This picture doesn’t really do it justice as to HOW BIG the needle actually is. Dr. F came in and I quickly told her what I had done. She said, “Oh no! You shouldn’t have done that. Don’t worry, we numb you up first!” But… numbing “bee stings” freaking hurt too. It didn’t take long and I honestly didn’t feel anything after that, but when the doctor hands to a prescription for Darvocet, it doesn’t ease your mind that it isn’t going to hurt later.

As I was getting ready for bed, I took off my bandage to check how big the hole was, and look what I found!

Look at that bruise!!! Look at the size of the hole in my arm!! It looks a little worse this morning, but it doesn’t hurt. And I can feel the implant in my arm, which feels a lot like Trixie’s microchip that we had implanted in her.

Oh well, at least I don’t have any worries about bringing another red headed princess into our family until we are FOR SURE ready. ‘Cause, let’s face it, I’m not sure my mental state can handle it.

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