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Monthly Mojo

Monthly Mojo in April

 photo MonthlyMojoLogo3-1_zps853128b7.jpeg

It’s that time again.. for Monthly Mojo.. truth be told, we are all a tad late. April snuck up on us!

Now.. onto my favorite things!

First up… THIS GUY. Cause it’s his birthday and all. Happy Birthday, boo boo!
 photo MontegoBay_6_zps127a42aa.jpg


This view wasn’t terrible from Margaritaville in Montego Bay… I wish I was there now!

 photo MontegoBay_1_zpsb4deb990.jpg

I’m having a not-so-secret love affair with eyelit lace.. I want it on everything!
 photo 01d8557d-767f-4886-a5e8-5f96693f8854_zps2a6993c7.png


I’ve finally found the best shorts.. the Lululemon Groovy Run shorts.. great pockets and I like the length on them. They cover my cellulite nicely.
 photo e5f4cb9f-5ce0-4e41-a1a9-40b7469a58cf_zpsf63b7e3a.png


And last but not least… my Old Navy flips. I have a million pair, but at $2.50, you can’t go wrong with a closet full!
 photo 23245b9c-77b0-435f-ba9a-b4abc8ba0a89_zps5c755cfd.png


Don’t forget to stop by Molly and Heather and give them some love! I’m glad that it seems that SPRING has arrived!

Monthly Mojo in March

 photo MonthlyMojoLogo3-1_zps853128b7.jpeg

It’s that time again… Time for Monthly Mojo again with two of my favorite ladies… Heather and Molly!!


I’ve found a new love of compression socks… they have really been helping with recovery. I want them all!!
 photo ba356c35-22fa-4558-8b07-88039c1ede81_zps057e8e8c.png

Zensah Compression Socks


Group texting… More importantly.. group texting with Molly and Rebecca. Doesn’t everyone send selfies and discuss outfits with their friends?!
 photo bb1ebe56-a02c-4b27-a208-6d4b5630acb6_zps336761b7.png


I love my Breville blender… It was sort of a Valentine’s present. I’ve been making smoothies almost every day! (I see you eyeing my Hello Kitty toaster.. back off. It’s mine!)
 photo 5D76060D-1957-411E-B94F-E6012B990563_zpswlz69yrj.jpg


Since it’s starting to warm up, Nuun is becoming super important for staying hydrated. P.S. They have a new kind out with caffeine!
 photo DC50443C-DCEA-42E0-AEB7-FD27E0170CB6_zpslul7mkzw.jpg


I can’t stop watching Gossip Girl again… I’m once again obsessed with my favorite Upper East Siders.
 photo Gossip-Girl-haleydewit-29694458-1440-900_zps267c8b61.jpg


What are some of your favorite things right now??

Monthly Mojo

Heather, Molly, and I decided to start a monthly feature of Our Monthly Mojo… Basically it’s our 5 favorite things at that moment. It’s going to be on the first Friday of every month. I’m super excited about it!

First things first… I’m loving my Frye boot. Mom got them for me for Christmas, and I will be sad to see boot season leave me and my BFF Melissa (that’s the boot’s name).

 photo FavThings_1_zpsbe637644.jpg

Melissa can be found Here or Here 

 photo FavThings_zps287ffc2c.jpg

I am also loving this Fresh Seaberry Lotion… it smells fantastic and helps my dry skin. It can be found Here.
 photo BAD43F9F-3F19-4567-8DC1-95457857AE17_zpshivn9c36.jpg


I’ve been running a lot with my Koss headphones.. I love them. The music sounds fantastic and they fit my ears perfectly!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.33.58 PM I’ve gotten on a craft beer kick lately, since wine wasn’t so friendly over Thanksgiving. First it was Good People. Now it’s Back Forty’s Truck Stop Honey. Yummy. It’s made in Gadsden. I haven’t tried any of the other kinds, but I’ve heard this is the best one.

 photo D574AD89-AD70-45E6-BBEA-10A6A9EB2A95_zpsbwtvdqbz.jpg

Lastly, My disgusting runner’s feet love this stuff. It’s thick and will leave foot prints all over my hardwood floors, but it’s heaven for my animal hyde runners feet. I like to lather it on and put on some thick socks before bed.

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