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New Hairs?

I’m going to get my hair did on Thursday and I think I want a new ‘do. John said it was time. Although, I’m not cutting it off, like he would suggest if asked, Rebecca put the idea in my head to do bangs. Full bangs.

I don’t know if I have that in me. It’s scary.

I was thinking something along the lines of Reese Witherspoon in “This Means War”. How awesome was her hair?

 I mean, obviously, that hair style will make me as cute, charming, and sweet as Reese, right?!

Or.. full bangs a la Rachel McAdams in that crappy movie, The Vow.

I cannot make these decision alone. So I need your vote. I will be getting my red touched up (lord knows it needs it.) I’ve been contemplating starting to dye my hair myself. It really needs touching up every 4 weeks and I do not have time for that. So, if you color your own hair, let me know what you use and if you think I am capable of doing it without painting my bathroom in red hair dye.

This weekend started out promising with me working half a day on Saturday then spending an entire afternoon by myself, cleaning, organizing, and weeding the flower beds only to find out that Claire was having fly-like symptoms when they got home from Tracie’s baby shower. BURN.

She was so pitiful with her fever and lethargic-ness. But after a round of motrin on Sunday morning the fever was gone and she was back to normal, so John and I decided to go ahead and go see The Hunger Games. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know I am a fan and have been waiting for this day for a long time. If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, then you are missing out, because I devote entire Pin Boards to fictional characters.

Anyway.. It was FREAKING AMAZING. Best book to screen adaptation I have ever seen. The acting was out of this world. And the casting was brilliant. I kept getting ticked off at the people around me who apparently had no idea what it was about and who was in it. When Haymitch made his appearance, at least 5 people around me were all, “Woody Harrelson?!?” Did these people not watch the previews before seeing a movie?

Anyway, we got back from the movie to find Claire’s fever had come back, so we ran her to Urgent Care and they informed us she had an ear infection…
again. Seriously?
Poor C is still running fever, but seems to be getting around fine, minus is the middle of the night entire house wake ups, she keeps performing.
So, Here are my questions-
Did you go see The Hunger Games? What were your thoughts?
And, please decide what I should do with my hair.  

Weekend Wrap Up…

My weekend started extremely early Saturday, by leaving my house by 6:45 to drive 2 hours for Addy’s gymnastics meet.

Good thing she is cute.

I will say, I think this weekend was a valuable competition lesson. She doesn’t bring her A game for competitions. She was thrown into an age group that contained both 5 and 6 year olds and this was a first for her. She didn’t earn a red or a blue ribbon. She came in consistently in 5th place. Which, is fine with me, as long as she is trying her best. But, she isn’t. 

They gave out special sashes and flowers to the girls who scored the highest on each event.. Addy (and the rest of her team) were pretty upset about not getting this. Philly and I discussed the night before how I thought Addy would finally “get” that it was a competition when she didn’t receive a blue or red ribbon. I think I was right. She has been wanting me to watch her cart wheels all weekend for pointed toes and straight legs.

I hurried back for a much anticipated date with Becca to see this:

Let’s not even talk about how mad I am at the ending. It’s total crap and made me hate the movie.

It needed more of Channing with his shirt off.

Side Note.

Have we talked about this?

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I didn’t think so.

It rocks my face off. You need to read it. Katniss is a way better character than Bella.

I started re-reading the series this weekend.. it’s amazing.

Moving on…

Did y’all watch the Grammy’s last night?

Where are these people’s stylists??!?!

The dress, I can live with. Not the blue hair. No honey, just…. no. 

Fergie, I believe you left the rest of your dress at home. 

No.. just… no. 

Also.. I find this hilarious. I do not know why.

What did you think of the Grammy’s?

Have you read the Hunger Games? I can’t wait until March 23rd.

What did you think of The Vow? I’m still mad to think about it.

Catholics, Turkey, and Sand= Thanksgiving 2010

These past couple of weeks have been nothing but craziness for us/me. Being sick hasn’t helped. I am also sick again… Sarah said I needed some pro-biotics. We shall see… I was busting my hump this weekend getting orders finished and tying up loose ends since we left on Sunday for the BEACH. Yeah.. nothing says “Thanks Pilgrims for the turkey and sweet potato pie” like a trip to the beach. Now, why the beach, you must ask? In case you were wondering, John’s dad’s family is Catholic, which means he has like 5 brothers and sisters. And you know how those Catholics are about breeding.. they just don’t stop. I’m pretty sure that MeMac knows more about Poppy’s family than he does. Everyone is scattered, so every other year, the family gets together at the beach and everyone comes down and it’s super awesome with 50-60 Catholics, bloody marys, sand, turkey and more children than you can imagine. 

Last time, I was extremely pregnant with Claire and couldn’t partake in the Bloody Mary’s- they are Poppy’s speciality- and I was super sad. But I am going to fight some aunts for them this year. I absolutely love Thanksgiving down here.. it’s a vacation! Outlet shopping, booze, turkey, and sand. Can’t really ask for much more. 
We got up early(not as early as we had planned, thanks to John not turning the alarm on) and hit the road and were down here by lunchtime on Sunday. I have been able to get a run in everyday-which has just totally made my trip. The girls have been able to get in the pool with people that brought their bathing suits-not me! 
I took Addison to get her first official mani/pedi today- it was love. Girlfriend was so stinking excited she could hardly contain herself. 
I also got to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Yeah… I like wizards and vampires. And I blog. I don’t think I could get much nerdier. Ahh-mazing. I can’t wait until Part 2 comes out… I may or may not have already re-read the book while down here… 
Anyway, we are doing our Thanksgiving dinner with the family tomorrow night and getting up Thursday to travel back home to get ready for the Iron Bowl.. Alabama vs Auburn is Friday. This is the big game, peeps. 


OMG, people.
Yesterday afternoon, I packed the girls up, sent them to Nana’s, sent the hubs to Tuscaloosa with his brother, and went home to curl up with New Moon and take a nap, in preparation for Eclipse at midnight. 
We had decided to meet our group of friends at 11:00 at the movie theatre to wait in line for our seats. John got home around 10:15, so we ended up leaving shortly after that and heading on up there, the place was already pretty crowed. We were able to go ahead and get in our theatre so we could sit down, instead of having to wait in the lobby. Our theatre was already pretty full by that point. Our friends got there, and then we had to wait for an hour for the movie to start. 
Our first preview? The new theatrical trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I DIE. It’s going to be SO good. We also got a preview for Paranormal Activity 2, which I don’t want to talk about, because it might give me more nightmares. 
Anyway, I kind of expected some screaming when it started from the tweenies, but none. I think the person sitting next to Tracie was the epitome of the person you want sitting next to you in these movies. 
Can I just say that Kristen Stewart’s acting is absolutely awful? I don’t know who cast her, but she is an awful actress, and just looks to be in pain in a lot of it. Also, as much as I LOVE R Pattz, the more I watch, the more I think Chase Crawford could have been a better fit for Edward. 
The acting seems to be getting better and better and there are definitely some funny parts. The action is great, the fight scene is just what you would expect it to be. I think they incorporated The Bree Tanner story into it, which is kind of cool. 
I really think in this one you can see just how deep that Bella and Edward’s connection is, and I like that. 
All in all, these movies are getting better with age, and I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn starts. I had a hard time going to sleep thinking about where they will split the movie in half and how graphic some of the scenes are going to be. I read that it might have to be rated R due to the sex scenes alone, which I think are going to be pretty intense! 
I think it was a great way to start this Wednesday, even if I am dragging today. 

A Movie Date.

I realize that I have yet to blog about the holidays, but John was sick on Christmas, and I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. BUT I wanted to share this with you. Since I am off from my job that pays bills( AKA the Pain Center) and Addison is out of school, I have wanted to soak up every little bit of cuddliness with the girls.

I have been wanting to take Addison to see The Princess and the Frog and was looking at show times yesterday. There was one at 2:50, but I worried that it would interrupt her nap time, so I didn’t say anything about it. As luck would have it, she woke up at 2:00 and was a MAJOR cranky pants, so I asked her if she wanted to go see it. We had a mini battle over clothing but she scooped up her drink and her Princess Tiana doll and was good. We dropped Claire-bear off at MeMac’s house and off the the “movie show” ( that’s what Addy calls it) we went. We got there right at 2:50, which was good b/c I didn’t want to try to wrestle her too much before the movie. She wanted to sit in my lap and was immediately entranced in the previews.( Which, by the way, Disney had way too many of. HELLO? Everyone seeing this movie is under the age of 10, so let’s keep the previews under 25 minutes.. Thank You!) There weren’t a lot of people in the theatre which was good b/c she kept screaming out, “It’s blue!” or “Look! Disney World!” but she was in good company, because so did the other little girls. The story was very good, but had some scary parts in it. At one point, she was kind of crying and hid her face in my shoulder. What do you DO when one of the characters dies?!!!? Hello, Disney?!!? What was that about?!!? A 3 year old doesn’t understand that the bug is going to Heaven to be with his Evangeline. The music was great, but I am so glad to have this memory with her. I sat there cuddling her, as she clutched her Princess Tiana doll and watched her very first Princess movie on the big screen. She kept turning around and kissing me on the cheek and rubbing my cheek. She is so sweet and loving, most of the time. Her innocence is so incredible to watch.
My Grandmother always talks about taking me to see my first Princess movie, The Little Mermaid and how I cried and I can’t help but think, “Aww… Addison cried at her first Princess movie, too!”
The music was fantastic too! I highly recommend taking any little girl that has a Disney Princess obsession. They will love it!

New Moon= Phenomenal.

PHENOMENAL. One word description of New Moon. I even had much higher expectations than Twilight and it STILL rocked my world. The acting was superb, Bella was much less like a crack addict. I found myself a little disgusted that I thought that Jacob’s body was much better than Edwards. Because, let’s face it, I like to run with Vamps. I thought I held pretty well in the break up scene, but the scenes following it, those were intense. At one point John looked at me and said, “That was ruthless.” The action was awesome, there was even some great comedy. I searched hard for things to not like and here is my nit picky list. ( Trust me, these things are quite ridiculous, even for me)

* Super disappointed about my being wrong on pretty much all accounts of the soundtrack. I loved how it was Incorporated, but I was wrong and I hate that.
* Was it just me or was Edwards pants entirely too big in Volterra? I thought he was going to lose them.. not that I would’ve minded.
* Alice’s vision of them frolicking in the meadow. Super cheesy.

I told you, right? That list is ridiculous. Something else that was ridiculous, was the LINE to get in the movie. Brooke brought it my attention that I needed to check on the seating issues from the 9 o’clock Twilight show, and sure enough, she was right and they did get to keep their seats, so I demanded ( much to the manager’s complaints) that I have a different movie time, b/c I was NOT having a crappy seat just because somebody paid to see a movie they have probably seen 10 times. BUT.. even though we got there at 10:30, the line was wrapped around the inside of the theatre.. there were bodies everywhere. And since we changed our time, we got to go on in our movie and get our seats and enjoy our 1.5 hour wait in the comfort of movie seats. Of course, Tweens were everywhere and the girl behind me serenaded us with Taylor Swift music and sang pretty much every soundtrack song that was played throughout the movie. But, even she wasn’t going to rain on my parade.

I am ready to see it again. And if I had a million dollars, I would go see it every night for the rest of the week. It is THAT good.

It’s FINALLY here!

It’s here.

Are you ready? Do you have your box of tissues? I do. I can’t believe it’s finally here. I thought this day would never come. So, as a celebration, I have a New Moon treat for you!

Once upon a time, when I was a fresh off the turnip truck at the University of Alabama, I wanted to be that person who picked out the music for movies. I had no idea if that was a one person job, or what it was even called. But.. I wanted to do it. I was going to add a James Taylor song to every movie that I did.( Huge James Taylor fan, here) But.. alas, it didn’t work out thanks to Communications 120. (Let’s not get into the inner workings of that professor, it’s for the best)

Anyway, back to today, my New Moon treat for you is my predictions for what songs from the soundtrack are going to be in what scenes. (Excited, aren’t you? If you’re not, don’t tell me.) I realize there are certain scenes that may not make the movie and a couple of scenes that are completely new, but this was a still a fun game for me.

So, Here goes:

* Meet Me On The Equinox- Opening of the movie
*Friends- something to do with the wolfpack
*Hearing damage- could possibly be the drowning scene
*Possibility- Most definitely has to be part of the break up scene
*A White Demon Love Song- more of Bella’s dark times
*Satellite Heart- part of Bella’s dark times, if the scene makes the movie then I think it could be when she goes back to the Cullen house after they have left Forks
*I Belong To You- I think it has to be when Edward is in Forks or perhaps when they are headed to the voting scene
*Rosyln- When Bella finds out about Edward going to the Volturi
*Done All Wrong- In Port Angeles with Jessica
*Monsters- It’s either a werewolf scene or the birthday party scene
* The Violet Hour- When Jacob is “sick” and avoiding Bella
*Shooting the Moon- maybe when she is cliff diving? This one totally threw me for a loop
*Slow Life- one of scary dream sequences
* No Sound But The Wind- more of Bella’s dark times
* New Moon ( The Meadow)- When she finds the meadow..duh.
*Solar Midnite- I have a mental image of the first time you see Jane and Alec
* All I Believe In- hanging out with Jacob
*Die Fledermaus- Playing in the background when they visit the Volturi

So.. What do you think? Who’s headed out at midnight tonight? Who’s not going to see it? Who doesn’t even know what movie I am talking about? Who’s wearing a Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt?


A Kiss On the Hand May Be Quite Continental…

Growing up, my sister and I probably didn’t watch the “usual” children movies. Sure, I saw all of the Disney movies, but I never watched “Ghost Busters” or “Weird Science”. I grew up watching “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Gone With The Wind”. Those movies are some of my favorite memories of my childhood. My sister and I use to watch Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell sing and dance across the screen and we would re-in act it for my parents or neighbors or anyone that would watch.

Last night, I finally (FINALLY!) coerced John into watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ( against his will). It reminded me last night, that there used to be a time when women always wore dresses, hats, and gloves. Men dressed in suits and hats on a daily basis. Men always opened doors and ladies were treated, well, like, ladies. These clothes are fabulous. I had to wipe a little drool away. I want to be able to wear gloves on a daily basis. I look at what some of these girls nowadays are wearing… Chuck Taylors? Baggy jeans? No Thanks… I would much rather live in a Jackie-O time.

“I just love finding a new place to wear diamonds…”

Beautiful hats and perfectly coiffed hair

And So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb…

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight obsession with the Twilight series. Who am I kidding? It totally takes over my life. If any man ever needed a manual, he should channel Edward Cullen. He is the best there is. I love all the cheesiness of it.

The movie comes out on DVD this month. In fact, it comes out in 16 days. I cannot wait. I can sit and watch Bella and Edward all day long. Just like I used to do with Harry Potter. Harry deserves his own post too. I cannot wait for all of the extended scenes and deleted scenes and interviews with the director. Yay!!! If you haven’t read the books, they are fabulous and you should. Just beware, they will take over your life. You will not be able to put them down. And you will wish Edward Cullen were real. Who cares if he is a vampire?

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