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Friday Favorites

Hello loves!
Brooke and I have talked about doing a Friday Favorites where we talk about our favorite product or accessory or general MUST have that week. 
I am starting it off today because of a twitter question/conversation the other night. Ashleigh was asking about Philosophy products. While I LOVE places like Sephora and Ulta and will generally try any hair style or hair color my heart desires, unknown beauty products freak me out. I like to find what I love and use it. I had used Nars face wash and moisturizer for years, but honestly? The price tag got me and in an effort to save money, I stopped using it. 
Slowly, I could tell me skin was dry and looking old. *gasp* I freaked. I can’t look old– I’m *only* 27! Y’all. It got so bad, I was contemplating Botox. 
 I went into Ulta one night and was asking about anti-aging creams. I kid you not. 
The lady told me she didn’t think I needed those extremes and pointed me in the direction of Philosophy. Now, I already owned the Purity face wash and honestly? It’s a good face wash but a little forgettable. It gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank. 
She told me I needed a retinol cream and a good moisturizer. She told me Oprah swears by “hope in a jar”. Now, if Oprah says it’s the then it must be. I started with the “great skin is in” kit. At around $30, it doesn’t break the bank to try it out. 
The Help Me (retinol) cream is pretty amazing. I was impressed. But– the hope in a jar? It’s a gift from the skin care gods. Seriously. It’s like angels touching your face. When I put this on, my skin feels so soft and healthy- almost like a baby’s butt. 
I cannot say enough about this moisturizer. It makes me want to wash my face at night. I think when I open twist the top off the jar, Michael Bolton starts serenading me. 
If you are looking for a new moisturizer or skin care regimen, I highly recommend Philosophy. And at $38 for a 2 oz jar, I don’t think it’s too baldy priced either.
Do you like the idea of this segment? Would you want to link up? Tell me your opinion!

Christmas Desperation…

Long story short, Addy wants a new room for Christmas. A BLUE room to be exact. Here is the room she saw and told me that she wanted. Cute, right? Problem is, she also wants Claire to be in her room too. So, double to expense of mattresses, beds, and bedding. 

So, I set out to find something. I found this adorable comforter in a bright pink from PB. 

I fell in LOVE with this sheet set from PB as well. 
I told John how much all of this stuff was. HE HAS GOT TO START LISTENING TO ME!!!
So, I go to order it tonight, he has a mini coronary, so I start frantically searching the internet for something cheaper. I found this gem at Bed Bath and Beyond… it really goes better with the room theme she wanted, but I think the other is more her personality. It’s also less than $200 for two sets for the girls vs the $450 from PB. What should I do?
I thought I might be able to find a different comforter and still get those sheets I love so much, but so far, not looking good. HELP! 
I think I may run to Tuesday Mornings and see if I can find anything there? Or TJ Maxx?

Lady Biz Saga Continued…

When we last left off, I was burned by the receptionist at my lady biz doctor and was made an appt for Tuesday. So, on the big day, I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare, and sat down to wait. A few minutes passed and they called me back to pay my co-pay. So, I went back there. The woman asked my name and appointment time and I told her and she couldn’t find me on the list. *red flag* So, she just wrote me down and took my $20. I asked her if I came at the wrong time– I am super paranoid about going to the doctor at the wrong time. She told me no that it hadn’t printed off for whatever reason. So I head back to the waiting room. About 15 minutes later, the receptionist called me up there and asked why I was coming in today. I tried to keep my cool, but I am pretty sure my eyes were shooting daggers at that woman while I told my brief story of the crappy receptionist. It was probably her anyway.

So, I head back to my seat with the assumption they were working me in. Once I was the only person left, I was called back. I kinda sorta unloaded on the nurse, but tried to not take it out on her, afterall, it wasn’t her fault. But she told me she was told I called and cancelled my appointment. UMMM WHAT?!!?!?! No, that didn’t happen, at all.

They ended up doing my yearly exam… gotta love a little cervical scrapeage.  Dr. F told me that she thought that my problem was an egg popping out of my ovary. Not sure if I believe that or not, since I have NEVER had that happen before. But, a ultrasound wouldn’t have done any good since the fluid is gone now. But, she didn’t feel any cysts or anything on my ovaries, so I opted to not have an ultrasound.

I am still pretty jacked about the front office issues. Not sure what to do. It’s not my doctors or her nurses fault and I was assured by Dr F that I would be seen the day I was in pain if it happens again. She also encouraged me not to skip out my b.c. anymore unless I wanted #3.

So I ask you, virtual friends, what would you do in this situation? Change doctors? I would have to go an hour out of town to see someone in a different group. Change doctors within the group? Write a letter to the office manager? Let it go completely?

A-Day and Happy Birfday to MEE!!!

Saturday, we loaded up the kiddos after a rocky morning, and headed to what we like to call, “God’s Country”.. Tuscaloosa. Alabama’s A-Day game was Saturday and we don’t miss an excuse to get down there. I think he was over being mad at me for my mini-meltdown. 
Look at all the peeps!
Apparently, Aaron’s said they would dress up their race car in whatever teams colors that won the National Title game, in the infamous words of the tag we saw on the way down there… “RowTid”
Man alive, I LOVE this place.. do you think they would mind if I built my house right here?
Uncle Jay with Addison
Ladies, he is single!!!
Claire has felt this way for a few days now…
Addison loves her some Dreamland sweet tea.. “ain’t nothin’ like ‘em nowhere!”
Claire meeting PJ Fitzgerald… Alabama’s former punt returner

Seriously.. their outfits are to die for. I can’t handle it. 
MeMac wanted a picture with both granddaughters.. unfortunately, it’s this one or Addison picking her nose.
91,000 of my closet friends…
Addison always enjoys the food in the Zone… some Roll Tide Trail Mix
There isn’t an Alabama game complete with a view through MeMe’s binoculars
Seriously, kid, this face? I’ll give you whatever you want…
“Claire.. where is your tongue?”
Mama and her girls!! Thanks Daddy for remembering to snap it!
Every girl needs some houndstooth shoes, right?

In other news, today is my 26th birfday. I am seriously having a HARD time getting older. I started crying the other night thinking about it. I just can’t handle it. I still feel 16 years old sometimes. How am I responsible for 2 children? Aren’t I am irresponsible teenager still?
Sunday night we celebrated my birthday with the McPhillips b/c they are going out of town for two weeks to the beach. Yes, I am jealous. We went to Stix and I had some delicious sushi. Jay, Joseph, and Tracie thought it would HIGHlarious to embarrass me with the people singing to me in Japanese and I was thoroughly embarrassed. Especially since I was standing up talking to them and they burst out laughing. I guess I know what it’s like to have brothers now! John and Linda got some running socks and a an awesomely awesome sports bra. Thanks for looking at the list, MeMac! :)

Last thought, I am thinking about doing a blog makeover and changing the name… what do you think of Houndstooth and High Heels? Yay or Nay?

Drastic times call for drastic measures

I did something drastic.

Something INCREDIABLY drastic.

I cut my already short hair and then dyed it.

Impulses get me every time.

I was inspired by Oofa. Her hair is just gorgeous. I do not think I am in the same league as her, as my cut is a LOT different. But.. it will grow. and I dig the color. A LOT. More than I thought I would. Now… alls I need is some honest opinions. Whatcha thinks?



Now, I want HONEST. Not my sister’s honest. Which is “I Love it! What do YOU think??” Whenever she says that… then I know. It’s hideous. ( Yes, I am onto you, Sarah!) I want to know if you hate it or love it.

P.S. What about the disgusting crows feet I didn’t know I had? Is Botox a bad idea at 25? I’m thinking… Not.

Help Me, Rhonda!

Okay.. I need some opinions. Because I H.A.T.E. making decisions. I found Claire’s Christmas outfit. Isn’t it adorable?!!? I had to snatch it up. I am having trouble with Addison’s though. The shop owner didn’t order the Big Sis matching outfit.. and let’s be honest here, my girls. have. to. match. I feel in lurve with the fabric and I remembered that Addison had been given a shirt a looonngg time ago with the same fabric and I was thinking it was possibly the right size. Well, it’s not. It’s a size 4 instead of a 3. Soo… I can either, take back Claire’s outfit( which, I lurve. Did I mention that?) or I can try to either make the shirt work for Addison and sew some matching green courdoroy pants( which I don’t have the fabric for). What do you think? Since my girlies are red headed, it’s hard to find cute Christmas clothes that aren’t red, that aren’t too dressy and that match.

Maybe I should just stop being so O.C.D about things.

(Yeah… like that’s gonna happen!!)

Look at the cute, cute, cute smocking!!

Ohh, Santa.. you little cutie

Another look? Don’t mind if I do…

This is the shirt for Addison… the fabric is a perfect match!! How weird?

The neck is a boat neck style.

The sleeves are what is SOOO big on her.

Okay, peeps… so what should I do?!!?

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