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Paleo Update

Okay. Paleo is hard, people. Like, really hard. I am entirely too used to eating bread and pastas. I don’t feel fulfilled with it. But I think it has to do with not being prepared for meals. You can’t do this on the fly. Everything needs to be planned out. Here’s what happened. I did it for about a week. Then, I fell off the wagon. I ran 11 miles and got RUNGRY, y’all. I started eating everything in sight. I think I actually scared Philly with the amount of food I was consuming. He questioned if I was pregnant I was eating so much. (Duh! He knows my first sign is lightheadedness and extreme sleepiness.) So, I went back to eating normal.. AKA complete crap. And guess what? Operation EAT ALL THE THINGS persisted into Halloween candy and I have successfully put on 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks. FIVE POUNDS.

So, I am currently on the MyFitnessPal app again, watching my calorie intake. But again.. I am facing the decision of pushing on with Paleo or just trying to decrease the amount of pastas, grains, and breads and trying to choose better options for food and snacks. The good news is, the new job will be better as far as prepping my lunch. I will have actual time to do it and I will only get 30 minutes, so running out to eat isn’t really an option. Plus, I’m on my feet all day and not snacking at my desk– something I was doing at my previous job.

I found this beauty on Pinterest…

My other problem is, I am not the biggest meat eater. In fact, I don’t care for it. I can handle eggs sometimes, but chicken? Turkey? No, thank you! Sure. I can handle to occasional steak. I also love fish.
But you can’t eat fish¬†every day.
I want to change my eating, but I guess I just don’t know where to start!
Help me, peoples! What am I supposed to eat?!

Paleo Day 2..

Y’all. I failed. On the second day of Paleo. But hear me out before you start judging!! Preparing your meals is super hard and honestly, making a salad for lunch, made me late for work yesterday morning. I had to make some avocado dressing and it took longer than expected…
Anyway. This weekend we bought some meatloaf at Earth Fare that was already prepared.
Philly forgot we were having that and got a pizza for supper. I went and ran hills (torture) and got chased by dogs while doing it, and upon my return, realized I didn’t know what I could eat. I wasn’t that hungry and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat another piece of broccoli or shove another piece of lettuce in my mouth. So after weighing the option of which was worse– not eating at all or eating a slice of pizza, I went with the pizza.
So, sue me. Okay.. Not really. But I’m not quitting! It was a lapse and I am still sticking with it. I just reminding myself that it’ll make my cellulite go away and that little fat girl inside my head shuts up.

Anyway. Happy hump day, y’all!

Paleo.. Day 1.

Well.. I survived day 1 of Paleo.. It wasn’t that bad. I generally felt good all day.. didn’t have any blood sugar roller coaster rides. Which is really why I wanted to do this. I need more energy and to not get so hangry.

Here is my Monday outfit.. I really love this skirt. I feel like it is very flattering to my body type. Plus, I get to wear my red high heels with it…


Maybe you are wondering what I am eating on Paleo.. well, here is my breakfast.

Eggs with flax seed and Turkey Bacon.


Becca asked how the coffee was without creamer, since I am not supposed to have dairy…


I mean, really. Our conversations are hilarious.

For lunch I had a waldorf salad, without the cheese. The chicken wasn’t very good and John had chili and kept talking about how good it was. He’s lucky I didn’t stab his hand with a fork.

This afternoon I really wanted a snack, in the form of a Snickers (WTH? I never crave Snickers.) I just had to pretend my apple was a candy bar. It was sad.

I ran 4 miles after work and ate some Tilapia and broccoli for dinner. I’m going to say, while I am not hungry, I do not feel completely satisfied with eating. It’s something along the lines of me wanting to jump into a tub of candy. Preferably chocolate. I’m hoping these cravings go away…

How was your Monday?!

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