April 24, 2013

Lighting.. It Makes All the Difference.

This post came out inadvertently. During my photo shoot for my Easter outfits pictures, I had Hubs take these:       Blech. Shadows, shadows, and more shadows. With Photography, lighting is everything. You don’t want bright, sunny skies. Sure, you don’t want rain though, but a nice overcast day helps diffuse the sun and […]

July 18, 2012

Tardy to the 4th of July Party..

Yep. We celebrated Independence Day about 2 weeks ago. I’m just now getting around to the pics. I did my sister’s family pictures early that morning, and since all the kids were a color coordinated, I decided to try to get some shots of all the grandkids for the grandparents… Let’s review how easy it […]

April 18, 2012

Easter 2012.

Wow. I totally meant to schedule this post for last week… but whatevs. We took some impromptu family pictures for Easter.. I mean, of course I wanted one of our family being all color coordinated, but we had some time to kill before lunch, so I took everyone outside. Look how cute these girls are… […]

April 9, 2012

Remember That Time I Went To DC?

So, I realized, I never finished my DC trip.. After the race, we crashed on the couch and Sunday Molly fixed a delicious breakfast and we did a few family pics– which I basically had to beg to do for feeding and housing me for a long weekend. Here are a few of my favs.. […]

March 12, 2012

Meeting an Idol and a Revelation

Last week, another one of my dreams came true. I ventured over to Atlanta with another photographer friend and we went to Jasmine Star’s “The Fix”. Many of you may not know who Jasmine Star is, but she is a very esteemed wedding photographer based out of Orange County, California. She is amazing and such […]

January 2, 2012

Project 12. Completed.

I started this Project 12 in January, so hopefully we would have 12 good family pictures at the end of 2011. It was not easy. There are several months that I had to do 2 pictures, simply because we didn’t have time/ I forgot. I am very glad we did this. It became apparent early […]

December 31, 2011

Here I come, 2012!

Since 2011 was such a rockstar year, I’ve decided to go big or go home with 2012. Here are my goals for 2012. Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. get ripped. Meaning.. workout with weights. be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.. possibly do a handstand push up. Run 1,000 for the year. […]

October 21, 2011

Why you hire a professional photographer.

Sometimes, when I am in my time-suck otherwise known as, Pinterest. I come across something and I’m all, “Oh. This is happening.” A certain Superman picture (that has since been taken off Pinterest. Boo.) made me think of this little boy:  As a photographer.. I can make a lot of things happen if you show […]

July 1, 2011

Updates in pictures

Two years ago, I set out in my photography journey.  I wanted to have an awesome Christmas card.  So, I set it up and had Linda take our picture.  Two years later, tons of hours editing, researching, and practicing later… John asked me to re-do the family picture. He said it was terrible. He wanted […]

April 22, 2010


My birthday was a hit! I had a blast, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays and I got so much Nike Running gear it wasn’t even funny! Seriously, when I take a picture( and I WILL take a picture) you will be floored. BUT, I may not be around much this week, because I will be […]

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