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Present Wrapping Tutorial

 This tutorial is full of LOTS of pictures. For real.

First and foremost. I like the lined wrapping paper. It helps make sure everything is lined up correctly. I leave enough room in the edges of the paper so that if you fold the paper up onto the box, it is about halfway up the box.


I am not a fan of double sided tape, but ran out of the regular scotch tape and this was all that I had. So, you make sure everything is lined up, then line you paper with the double sided tape. I used about 3 pieces for a regular size shirt box. The double sided tape makes it a little bit harder to make sure that you don’t get crinkles in the paper.




Make sure the paper is nice and tight around the box.


Then, I fold the paper around the box, ensuring that there aren’t a lot of gaps in the paper.


This is the part where you will start to hate double sided tape too. You have to line the wrong side of the paper with it. Pull down on the paper to and secure the tape.


The key so crisp looking wrapping, is making sure all the edges are creased well.


Line that corner with tape.


Doing the same thing on the other side.


Finally, line the inside of the last piece of paper with tape and pull up as tightly as you can.


On the opposite side of the box, you will have excess paper. I find if you stand the box up, and let the paper get to that angle, and then cut, it’s much easier.


Follow the same instructions as the other side.



Now, we have a jagged edge of the paper. You have two choices. You can cut the paper along the edge or you can fold it down to make a straight line.


I folded mine down. Make sure you crease this edge really well before putting tape on it.


Line the paper with the double sided tape.


Pull as tightly as you can on the paper.


Crease all edges on the box. (Side note: If you are going to do a tutorial with your hands, make sure your nail polish isn’t a hot mess.)




For Christmas wrapping, since you have to do so many presents at once, I always try to find a coordinating tulle instead of ribbon. It’s easier and faster to do, and it’s stretchy so kids can easily pull it off the box, unlike ribbon.


Wrap it around the box and tie a knot to hold it in place.


Next, take you tulle and make a few loops.


And then cut the edges.


Secure the tulle to the knot on the package!


Here is an example of a ribbon on the package, but my sister is the whiz at those bows. I am not.



Turning 28 Rocked.

This year, I tried not to think of my birthday as a number and just as a day celebrating my awesomeness.

It worked!

My dad and Karen sent me some beautiful flowers at work, which was awesome because people would ask and then I would tell them it was my birthday and they would be all.. “Oh, a birthday! Happy Birthday! You don’t look 28!” Totally works for the self esteem. So next time you are feeling blue, just send yourself some flowers at work!

I would like to point out, this is one of the first birthdays I’ve had in a long time that I got everything I truly wanted and needed!

This is me wearing everything I got. I’m a dork. 

First off, Thursday night, I opened my presents since the girls left for the beach Friday with my Mom. 

I got that gorgeous grey purse that I asked for, but sadly, it just wasn’t big enough for my needs and I couldn’t justify the price for a purse not big enough, so John let me exchange it for this beauty.

I got money from most everyone else, so I bought myself a new running outfit. Yes, my shirt says “Like a BOSS.” 

The largest chunk of my money came from these bad boys.. I opted for these since the sunglass man and J vetoed the Pradas. I dig them.

Becca got me some Nuun. What a friend, yo!! 

As well as these flippys. Most comfortable shoes ever. I think this is becoming a birthday trend for her. A new pair of Old Navy flip flops. I also got a new robe from her that I am wearing in the above picture. It’s so soft and comfy. Everyone should have one!

This may seem odd, but I really want a pretty yard and so John got me some turf builder and a hand crank seeder… I’ve already used it and it was so easy! 

Dad and Karen got me a new Keurig.. hopefully now I won’t wake kids up with my loud coffee maker! I had an original Keurig that I actually got for my 24th birthday… I feel like my in laws got their money’s worth, no?

I got a couple of gift cards as well… and John, Robbie and Rebecca and I went to see The Lucky One on Sunday… so good. Thankfully, I was able to bite back my tears.. I didn’t need John and Robbie making fun of me for crying.

The girls are still at the beach with Mom and Bill and my sis and her gang. They are having a blast and J and I are getting some stuff done around here before they come back.

I think we need to name my new purse… what is your suggestion??

Also.. I have stopped getting the notifications through e-mail on blog comments.. anyone know how to fix that?

I am also lengthening the duration of my E-Meals giveaway… you people need to sign up!!

Countdown to my favorite day of the year…

The countdown is on for my favorite day of the year… MY BIRTHDAY!!

April 20th… I will turn 28.

That’s just plain scary, and while I don’t like to think about getting older, I really like things that revolve around me and more specifically, me getting presents.

So, here is my list of gift ideas.

Molly had these sunglasses and they are gorgeous… PLUS. My Costas are as old as Addison and the nose piece is gone and it hurts my nose. 

You can find these here… They are gorgeous with a pink tortoise shell frame.

Next up…

This shirt rocks and I need it in my life. Found HERE. Probably a size Medium.

I really want this Epiphanie Clover bag.. I tried to win one at Blissdom, but no such luck! This aqua is gorgeous– so is the gray and the hot pink. 

Found HERE.

I still need workout clothes, so  a Lulelemon gift card would be nice. 

Sephora, Ann Taylor, Target, Altar’D State, Express gift cards are ALWAYS welcome.

And since Zac Efron is obviously my second husband, they planned for his latest movie to come out on my birthday.

So, obviously, someone should take me to see it.

And if anyone wanted to get me this beauty…

I’d love you forever. Sadly, this last present idea is out of budget.

Unless some of my present buyers win the lottery. In which case, I fully expect this in grey and red.

I feel like this year’s list is lacking a little…Am I missing something?!

Maybe someone should buy me a new word to use.. I used “obviously” entirely too much today. Whoops.

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