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Beef Tips

I should give credit where credit is due on this recipe– Rebecca gave it to me, and while it’s taken some time to perfect, I think we have finally gotten it down pat. And when I say “we”, I really mean Philly, since he is the one who cooks around here these days. (Thanks, honey!)

Alright. So, first things first.. Here’s your ingredients:

Allegro Marinade

Beef Broth



Flank steak

White rice

 photo BeefTips_2_zps08357e40.jpg

Marinate the meat 30-1 hour in the Allegro.

 photo BeefTips_1_zps58d952d6.jpg

Melt the butter in a NON non-stick pan. It works best in a stainless pan. Whisk in the flour (1/4 cup), making sure it is completely blended (J says no lumps are key.)

 photo BeefTips_3_zps35da7687.jpg


 photo BeefTips_5_zpse19436f1.jpg

SIDE NOTE: We did it “wrong” in the pictures. We added the beef broth before the flour. Will it kill you to do it this way? No. {Disclaimer: Philly thinks I should wait to make this again and re-take the pictures. Ain’t nobody got time for that.}

 photo BeefTips_6_zpsc597c134.jpg

So anyway.. AFTER you mix the flour and butter, then add the beef broth. Whisk that together as well. Then you add your meat. Cook it for 4-5 minutes. You want it cooked throughly, but not long enough to make the meat tough.

 photo BeefTips_7_zps87183c50.jpg

Cook your instant rice and then Voila! Dinner is ready!!

 photo BeefTips_8_zps9e6e9bba.jpg

It’s pretty much delicious and super easy and quick to make!

 photo BeefTips_9_zps745f7c9d.jpg

Doesn’t it look yummy? Makes me wish I had some right now!

E-Mealz Review and Giveaway!

Lately, I have been having a hard time figuring what to cook for supper. All of my recipes call for tons of ingredients and I am tired of listening to hubs complain about the ever growing food budget. Since I listen to Dave Ramsey a lot, I was aware of E-Mealz but wasn’t sure about actually joining- what if I didn’t like the recipes? 
Well, it turns out the recipes are delicious and it has it’s own shopping list.. organized based of grocery store sections. It is working out really well- we are able to eat the left overs the next day for lunch too- so it’s like two meals in one! 

I really love how organized the list is- say you don’t want meal 6? Well, there is a column that says which ingredient is in what meal and you can just mark out every thing needed for meal 6. Super easy! 
Plus, it gives you an estimated total of your grocery bill! 
They have low carb, Weight Watchers options, gluten free, vegetarian, low fat, couples only options.
And also store specific- Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Aldi, Ralph’s, or the any-store option. 
The recipes are delicious and for the most part- the girls will eat them. It has really changed our eating habits- dinner at the table every night. And we make Addison try it before she says she doesn’t like it. 
Don’t forget to check out their twitter, blog, and Facebook pages for more ideas, and money saving tips!
Think you’re ready to try it? 
If you sign up, you can receive 15% off through April 30th! 
I am giving away a 3 month subscription to E-Mealz to one lucky reader! 
How to enter?
Just follow my blog and leave a comment
Want some extra entries? 
Follow me on twitter( 1 extra entry)
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Please leave a separate comment for each entry

The giveaway ends next Thursday, April 7th at midnight. 

My Favorite Recipe

Good Morning! I thought long and hard about if I was going to link up to MckLinky’s recipe blog hop. You see, I love to cook, and it would be very hard to single out ONE recipe and declare it my favorite! It might hurt the other recipes feelings. I even thought about doing one for each type meal. But then I realized that I have two small children and a brother-in-law getting married this week, and frankly, I like my sleep. Besides, I needed one with pictures. So, it needed to be easy to make. And really, it’s the easiest thing to make, it’s delicious, and Addison loves it. It’s a hat trick of breakfast goodness. I call it my Breakfast Parfait. All you need is, some fruit of your liking. I prefer strawberries or blueberries, or a combination of the two. Some vanilla yogurt and some granola. Now, I will say, that I am a HUGE fan of granola. Philly shook his head and laughed the day in Whole Foods when I insisted on purchasing something I had never even tried before( like he does with most of my “granola” ways, but that is a WHOLE NOTHER POST). But, at the time, I was 8 months pregnant, and a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, I loved it. He loved it. Addison loved it. It is Whole Foods own brand of French Almond Vanilla. In my opinion, THE GRANOLA IS KEY. It has to be delicious and nice and crunchy. I have tried several different kinds and nothing compares to Whole Foods. Which, really stinks, because the closest Whole Foods to us is about 45 minutes without any traffic. Anyway, back to the recipe.

I also feel that the layering technique is important. The fruit goes first. I always start with the strawberries.

Throw in some blueberries, if your feeling funky. Philly and Addison do not care for the blueberries, but to each his own.

I love this yogurt. It’s Yoplus Vanilla yogurt. I also love the Silk Vanilla Soy Yogurt, since I am not supposed to have diary.

I am running low on my granola. You know it’s a problem when you put off your two- year old because you are trying to ration it for yourself. I probably shouldn’t admit that. But, I hate to share.

Top as much or a little granola as you want. Me, I like a good amount of crunch. You can always go back and add more.

This is super easy and my two year old loves it. The real test is, if you can eat it, while holding your six month old and blogging about the recipe while your two year old runs circles around the dining room proclaiming, ” I want some! I want some!”
Yes, I passed this test too. :)

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