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Santa Woes.

Yesterday while at work (let’s keep in mind that I work retail and it’s the week before Christmas), my brother in law calls me (which he never calls, he texts) and asks me “Uhh.. what is Santa bringing the girls?”. My mind goes blank. “A bunch of crap.” He starts telling me that he called the girls to ask what they wanted from him for Christmas, and A tells him that she was so sneaky, and snuck into my office closet (that’s locked) and found “the jackpot”. She names two movies that are in there. The thing is.. everything from us is wrapped and under the tree. Everything she found was from Santa. Of course she couldn’t keep it a secret from her little sister.

I realize that in the giant scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal, but on top of the craptastic week I already had, this was just too much. Combine that with the general attitude and meanness coming from her, I really want to give her a lump of coal and that be it. I think Mom is going to switch one of her presents with what we had here, so they will basically get one present from Santa.

I think part of the reason I am so upset, is that all the grandparents got them the things they really wanted, so I was already feeling inferior with what Santa was bringing. And now that all the Santa has been found, I’m just at a loss. Sure I could run to Target and exchange it all, but part of me thinks A should be taught a lesson for snooping. But maybe the lesson is disappointment with no Christmas surprises? She’s stolen the joy from me of watching her open her presents and see what Santa brought her on Christmas morning.

I, myself, have learned a lesson on shipping woes for Christmas, as all of what I’ve ordered for J isn’t here and probably won’t be here before Christmas. As well as smaller things for grandparents.

I can fully relate with Clark Griswold this year…

Field Trip with The Reds

Last week, we ventured to a farm/Pumpkin Patch for the girls school field trip… I think it’s safe to say I belong in the city limits. I am not cut out for pig races or feeding baby goats. Or farm smells. Yeah, definitely not cut out for farm smells.

 photo 4DFarms_13_zps234c516a.jpg


The kids seemed to enjoy themselves… Especially when Big Sis tries to rope an unsuspecting little sister…

 photo fee6f62d-34ad-413c-bda4-006d780260ca_zpsc05646d0.jpg


I must stop right here and brag on A-A. She opted to leave her class and go with little sister’s class so the three of us could all be together. It was such a proud Mom moment…I was so proud, that later that afternoon I took them to Starbucks for a special treat of hot chocolate and a pumpkin cookie.

 photo 4DFarms_32_zpsc673d2ef.jpg


This was the point of the field trip where someone’s kid got lost… no worries, after 10 minutes of searching (which feels like an eternity in panic mode) they found her in the corn maze. Those kid leashes don’t sound like such a bad idea now!

 photo 4DFarms_37_zps3c1e91df.jpg

 photo 4DFarms_38_zpsf5a8d579.jpg


The girls picked their own pumpkins and they are honestly super cute. I was glad to have such a special day with my girls. I remember growing up that I loved when my mom would go on our field trips. Of course.. mine pitched a fit because they wanted to ride the school bus back. How many parents have to drag their kids kicking and screaming with them out of a school activity? I thought that was weird.

 photo 4DFarms_42_zps9b2cdc78.jpg


Have y’all gone to a pumpkin patch? Or perhaps had a child pitch a fit NOT to go with with you somewhere?

My Style Monday–It’s Officially Fall!

My Style Monday

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Since yesterday was the first official day of Fall and it was in the 50′s when we went to church, I decided to break out the ONE Fall outfit the reds currently own.

I am pretty much in love with these Morgan and Milo dresses. We recently started carrying them in the store and I can’t get enough of them. Paired with the Livie and Luca boot? I DIE.

 photo MMDresses_zps449f86c9.jpg

How old does C look with her straight hair.. she insists on it because it makes it “long”. But just imagine her saying it without saying her “l” sounds.. they come out as a “Y”, so it “Yong”. So cute.

  photo MMDresses_1_zpsf1cf5df8.jpg

Seriously. I wish this boot came in adult sizes. When we saw it at market, we HAD to have it and we are having a hard time keeping it in stock.  Want the link?? Find the boots here!

 photo MMDresses_2_zpse3796ade.jpg

Of course they had to match… A was cold and not wanting to stand in wet grass… party pooper.

 photo MMDresses_3_zps6b3a5bd3.jpg

I love the way she is looking at Big Sis.. so cute.

 photo MMDresses_4_zps5477f9c8.jpg

So come link up your favorite outfit of the week!

My Style Monday- School Uniform Edition.

My Style Monday

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The girls have to wear uniforms where they go to school… It leaves our options limited on what to wear everyday, but they seem to always have fun with it. So far, we have been taking Instagram pictures of our daily outfits. I’m not sure how long this will continue, but I will keep it up as long as they want to!
 photo khaki_zpsdf716e64.jpg


I typically let them pick out their outfits, since they generally will always go together and it gives them a little freedom with choices. Since we are in the South, a hair bow is a MUST HAVE accessory for the Reds. My theory on it? Hair bows are like boobs, the bigger the better!

 photo Navy_zps46b407f8.jpg


Link up an outfit… it can even be your kiddos!!

Motherhood Moments

I have had a few WTF motherhood moments this week…

Monday, my mom picked the girls up and took them to Chick fil A for a snack and to play. Turns out that Addy KISSED a BOY on the playground. She doesn’t even know his name. Never seen him before. Ummm.. WHAT?! This proves to be a problem for the future and I am going to need some Xanax for it.

I finally got Buddy the Elf out on Monday night. I was so proud that he decorated the girls pink Christmas tree.


He was out for all of 30 minutes before Claire comes to tell me that Addy touched him. Well, the elf loses his magic if that happens. Addy is telling me she didn’t touch him and Claire is saying she did. Given Addy’s history of lying, I am not believing her. I try to explain to her that Buddy can’t get back to Santa if he loses his magic… nothing. I am so put out when it’s time to leave for school. Then? I find this:


This is not mine. I start questioning the girls since it was on the bench that their school bags were on. Addy says it doesn’t belong to her. Claire says Addy took it from mom’s. So I ask Mom if she has seen it. Nope. I ask John. Nope.

So, in an effort to inspire their conscious, Buddy doesn’t move Monday night. Tuesday morning, I question the girls again. Still standing firm with their answers.

Addy gets a little ‘tude with me and Redneck Mommy came out. But you know what? She scared the crap out of the reds and I got some answers.

Turns out, Claire was lying. Addy *almost* touched Buddy. I made C apologize to Addy. Also? Claire stole the ring from her teacher. SERIOUSLY?! So, I made her apologize to Addy again. Then, I apologized to Addy for not believing her.

Man, motherhood is hard sometimes.

Also? That creepy elf needs an instruction manual for when things pop up that I have no clue how to answer. I’m not the best with lying and when Addy pips up with “You tricked us! You decorated the tree!!” I start stuttering and looking around for someone to throw me a life raft.

Halloween 2010

We had a low key Halloween this year… I was one busy lady that weekend. I took some pictures yesterday in their Halloween costumes, before it got too cold. 
I couldn’t find Addison’s Little Mermaid costume.. but she had two she wore, so I found the little red riding hood one. 

Classic for them. Seriously. 

Oy. I love my girls. 

Digging for Gold

As most 3 year olds and any child for that matter, Addison is constantly picking her nose. She does it a lot when she is getting embarrassed or trying to avoid doing something. Like, picking her nose is the hardest thing to do in the world and she couldn’t possibly be bothered with picking up her toys because she is doing important work by digging for gold. 

She has been having a really hard time taking naps lately, and is fighting them with all her will. So, I expected no less when I picked her up from pre-school on Monday. Only, she fights them there, by taking our her rubber bands and chewing on them until one of her teachers takes them away. When she got in the car, she told me that she stuck a rubber band up her nose. I told her that we do not stick things up our noses and and she nodded like she totally got it. 
The next day John was putting her down for her nap while I was blog stalking, and he called me into her room. “What does this look like to you? It looks like a rubber band” 
Me: “Well, she told me yesterday that she put a rubber band up there, but I assumed she got it out.”
John: ” Go get me some tweezers, please.”
On my way to get tweezers, I grabbed my camera( what? this was totally a blogging moment!) When Addison realized kinda how serious this was, she started getting scared. And crying, just because she was scared.

John was able to get it out, but I informed Addison the next time we might not be able to get it out ourselves and it would involve a trip to the ER with lots of needles and poking.

I think she understood, but now she has some strange freak out around anyone with a white coat. I don’t know what that is about. 

Easily Entertained

It’s going to be one of those days. I can tell. It’s going to be extremely hard to keep the princesses entertained. Luckily, I am armed with my iMac and a narcissistic 3 year old.

Yes, we are in our pajamas. Don’t judge me, Earl.

Pigtail Fun

I figure you internets could be going through some withdrawal over pictures of my red headed daughters. Unfortunately, one of them was napping during our photo session but here is little Addison complete with flat-ironed hair and pigtails. She is refusing to look at any camera pointed at her. She actually cried on Easter when Pa Bill tried to take her picture with SaSa. She is still adorable!

Princess Aurora would’ve never woken up if she knew she was going to be treated so badly

So, I realize that not everyone is as excited about my child’s bathroom habits as me and possibly MeMac, therefore, you might want to stop reading because this post is dedicated entirely to potty training.

We have officially started potty training Addison. About two weeks ago, I thought it was time to stop messing around with it. We weren’t being very proactive about the whole thing. The Pull-Ups are just another form of a diaper for us. So, I got out our 4 pack( Laugh now, you mothers that know better) of Princess panties, complete with Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel. We had gone through the entire 4 pack by lunchtime. She would scream “NO!!” when I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom and then immediately go in her Princess panties. I even took her to Wal-mart and let her pick out some more Princess panties, because, let’s face it, 4 pairs, just ain’t cuttin’ it. Our underwear selection now branches out to Jazmin and Belle as well as the other Princesses. After a couple of days of constantly washing Princess panties, I realized, maybe she was not really ready.
A couple of nights ago, John just started putting her on the potty before her bath and she goes tee-tee every time. Yesterday morning, she even went poo-poo in her pink potty! YAY!! I was so ecstatic. She ended up going pee-pee in the pink potty 3 times yesterday and poo-poo once. I wish someone would dance around me and give me high-gives and M&M’s every time I went to the bathroom in a pink potty. Life would be so much better.
Sometime yesterday afternoon, Addison stopped refusing the Pull-Ups and wanted only to wear her Princess panties again.
Poor Cinderella never saw it coming. Addy went tee-tee all over her, but the good news is, she was able to stop when she realized she was peeing on herself and came and got me to go the pink potty.
She went in the pink potty again this morning and refused the Pull-Up, so I guess we are back to the Princess Panties. I would like to publicly apologize to Jazmin, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Ariel for what my little red-headed daughter is going to do to you in the coming weeks.
I promise, it will wash out.

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