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Retro Run

2013 Year in Review

  • Run/swim/bike a combined total of 1500 miles. Didn’t happen. I was right at 1,000 miles.. pretty far off. 
  • Run 3 half marathons this Spring. DONE. 
  • Complete 3 tri’s this summer. Only did 2.. stupid injury. 
  • Don’t die during the Ragnar Relay. DONE. 
  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. DONE. 
  • Cook dinner every night for an entire week. Totally forgot I set this as a goal..
  • Grow an herb garden and use it! Nope. I have a feeling I will never do this.
  • Balance between my goals, John’s goals, and what’s good for the girls. Reaching goals take sacrifice for all parties, and it’s very easy to become selfish with what you want, and not what’s best for the family. I’d like to think I did this! 
  • Take the girls on a weekend trip.. somewhere fun but within driving distance. DONE. The cruise counts, right??
  • Be able to do the splits. This is laughable that I set it as a goal..
  • Continue with cross training and weight training. DONE… Err… still a work in progress! 
  • Clean up my eating… being more mindful of what I am putting into my body. Still a work in progress…
  • Go to a Pro Football Game. Another one that’s probably not going to happen. 

I haven’t set my goals for 2014 yet.. I’m a little disappointed that I missed so many. Oh well! Let’s take a look back at how EPIC 2013 was.

We started off the year with C turning 4…

 photo 701b7cf2-9315-40d6-a569-ae82f25b1b34_zps67242594.jpg


And then I ran Ragnar Relay FLK… I still can’t believe I did that.

 photo Ragnar_81-1024x681_zps4bd645d7.jpg


We went to the National Title game… and I was photobombed by my brother in law.

 photo OrangeBowl_zpsef45fdba.jpg

We had a snow day…
 photo Snow-Day_1-681x1024_zps690f49af.jpg

I ran Mercedes.. and officially crushed my sub 2:15 goal.

 photo Mercedes_zps770de647.jpg


And then 2 weeks later, I ran Tuscaloosa and PR’d again..

 photo TuscaloosaHalf_zps156dcf48.jpg


I went to Texas for the final BlissDom…

 photo blissdomgaylord0313_7DN0079_zpsb86aaa00.jpg


C discovered her love of a knee pop..

 photo CKneePop_zps51819267.jpg


I went up to DC and ran Nike Women’s with Molly… No PR for me, but still was one of my favorite races.

 photo C68668CE-0641-4C8F-B854-99048F6678AF-835-0000002C431BF83B_zpsc63c3411.jpg


I did another Tri.. this one with J and I placed in my Age Group again.

 photo GreatEscape_37_zps11315132.jpg


We went on a cruise… and had a fabulous time.

 photo Cruise_56_zpsab2c59e2.jpg
 photo 84C1BC14-06A1-46E1-8AF4-612905C684C0-12055-000004890FDDAEF4_zps6288bb6e.jpg
 photo 3EE593EE-9593-439F-B552-78FF0A1ACC30-12055-00000489AB01B27B_zpsb63745d2.jpg

On the cruise, I got this super sweet bruise from an EPIC Dodge Ball game.
 photo 56D03108-7DBE-4ED6-9771-22D592A2E1A1-12055-0000048CB95E2EF1_zpsfa3ca11a.jpg

Tried some Energy Bits… loved them so much I became an ambassador. (Use RUNINHIGHHEELS for 15% off!)
 photo EB_zpsd75a915f.jpg

We went to the lake and Addy drove a Sea-Doo…
 photo Addyseadoo_zps87a2e831.jpg


I raced twice in one day.. Triathlon in the morning and a 5K at night.

 photo RetroRun_zpsd78abad3.jpg

C found out just how dangerous treadmills can be…
 photo photo1-1_zps27961a3f.jpg

We had our yearly girls trip to the lake…
 photo photo1_zps2d42bbe0.jpg

And I got injured… not at the lake. Just injured in general.
 photo photo2-1_zpsc1055f9f.jpg

We went to the Georgia Dome and hung out with some Hokies… Hubs photobombed pictures with “number 1″.
 photo no1_zps8b12df10.jpg

We took the girls on the Carnival Conquest…. and had a fantastic time.
 photo KewWest_2_zpsa9daf89c.jpg

We went to a few more football games….
 photo photo4-1_zps431c498f.jpg

and The Lumineers in concert.. photobombed once again by my brother in law.
 photo 453E606D-AD59-4D40-89E2-9163BC1CC8D2-4256-0000019A75406D5C_zpse3740924.jpg

Mom and I took Addy to the American Girl Store in Atlanta.

 photo AGStore_1_zps7bcf3bb6.jpg

I got out of my comfort zone and ran with groups of unknown people… sometimes seeing these gorgeous sunrises over Birmingham.
 photo B33B5F23-2AD8-43DC-8689-8508DE2DA0F4-2057-000000E82727811B_zps8b8beb8d.jpg

I ran a comeback 10K.. and PR’d it.
 photo FC183920-39E0-40CF-BC30-301DD1D68E10-8337-00000428B0538DF6_zps76587c21.jpg

Photobombed once again by the number 1…
 photo 8E3D39DD-5742-4DB5-A4F7-F222F3CF1993-19557-0000098D4B14C32D_zps4fce67ca.jpg

And I ran Magic City again.. cursed it until the end and crossed the finish line with C.
 photo 635217421050634018_zps1baacf8d.jpg

All in all.. 2013 was EPIC.
 photo 047AE79B-7671-4624-9CA5-7B951A53A1B7_zps8oqr3gwj.jpg

2014 has some big shoes to fill… Hope it can live up the expectations.

Are you sad to see 2013 go??


That Time I raced Twice in One Day

Saturday started off early with a trip to Decatur and a triathlon start time of 7 am.. which meant that I went to bed at 9pm..

Triathlons involve a lot of crap.

 photo gear_zpsaf343e11.jpg

My transition area… On a rack with 2 Cervelos, a Specialized, and two other super nice bikes that I had never heard of.

 photo setup_zps3a5e503e.jpg


Let’s be real for a second.. I hate race day packet pick ups. I would much rather not have to worry about that with all the other crap going on. But this packet pick up? Was absolutely terrible. It was inside a pavilion and there were 4 (FOUR!!) different check points to get your stuff. And none of them clearly marked. One was to check in and find out your race number. Another was to pick up your two bibs (one for your bike and one for your body). Another one was to pick up your chip timer. And last, but not least, body marking. Ridiculous.

It makes me feel weird and like a poser to go from being one of the last people to get in the water last year, to being in the top 1/3 of people to line up. I keep waiting on people to realize I’m just a regular person and don’t deserve these awesome race corrals and fast bib times.

Moving on.. I went to the beach area and familiarize myself with the water temp and stick my face in the murky water as a reminder on how I won’t be able to see. We lined up, in a semi number order and it wasn’t long before I was in the water.. I started out too fast and was sort of panicking and reminded myself to slow my roll and just get to the finish. Once I rounded the buoy, I ran into some technical difficulties with a fellow swimmer.. She was all over the place.. zig zagging, swimming into people, and I just wanted around her. I ended up with a sinus full of lake water from one of her righteous kicks and I don’t want to relive that again.

  photo swim_zps52651356.jpg


I realized when I got into Transition that I had forgotten the gel I meant to take, but I didn’t stress. It wasn’t really necessary, I just wanted it for mental purposes. I got passed a LOT on the bike. Mostly by dudes.. and fast dudes. I didn’t let it get me down.. I was averaging mostly in the 16-17 mph range, which is faster than I normally cycle, so I was pretty pumped about it.

Going into this race, I wasn’t really feeling it. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I just wanted to be done with it.

When I got back into transition, I couldn’t remember which rack was mine… so I just had to search. Whoops. As I headed out of transition, my family was there waiting and cheering and I stopped and gave both girls kisses since I didn’t get to see them before the race start. This picture is me going in for the kiss… I promise I’m not about to hurl on them or anything.
 photo T1_zps0ed97289.jpg


The run portion was a gravel trail.. and I hate it. It feels longer than a 5K the way it weaves. I was struggling and all over the place with my pace.. I really hate summer heat too. With about a half a mile left, I felt someone smack my butt and yell, “Get it in gear!!” I whipped around, because.. well.. someone smacked my behind! It was Shannon and she was just the push I needed to over take the girl in front of me that had a 29 written on her right leg… AKA  in my age group. I kept up with her until the her final kick, and  I could feel that chick on my heels, so I kicked it up a notch myself for a finish.  photo wetdogfinish_zps671651be.jpg


Overall, I was very pleased with my results from this years Wet Dog Triathlon. It was a 22 minute PR off of last year and I feel like I am getting a little bit more confident in these things. My time was 1:17:50, putting me 9th in my Age Group. Not too shabby for my 4th Tri.

As we were packing up our gear, Donnie and Shannon said, “C’mon! Let’s go to Homewood and do the Retro Run tonight! It’ll be fun!” Hubs and I needed to find a sitter first and we did. We met them following the wedding, and headed down. People had some awesome costumes for this run and it’s sort of like a giant block party. We saw several Cullmanites and they all exclaimed, “Uh, Didn’t you do a TRI THIS MORNING?!” Yep. I did. I’m a crazy person. But not really.. just always up for a fun race. On the way down, Donnie just kept talking about how he had never ran this race and it not rain… As we lined up at the start line, it started to pour. I was not a happy camper because, well, I hate to run in the rain and most importantly, I had my phone in my hand prepared to take pictures of the costumes.

The gun went off and I was with Shannon for about the first half-mile and I was quickly trying to chase her and keep her in my sights, but little did I know that she was chasing a fellow C-towner who is wicked fast… needless to say, the first mile was done in 8:13 and I was TOASTED. That plus the rain? Just stick a fork in this girl. The course wasn’t easy either, reminding me how hilly Homewood is. I wasn’t planning on racing this, just running and hoping for something around 30-31 minutes and was surprised to see my watch say 28 when I rounded the final stretch. I honestly think I finished in the 28′s, but the timing was done with a gun start and I forgot to stop my garmin when I crossed the finish line. My official time was 29:38, and that put me 10th in my Age Group.. what?!

 photo RetroRun_zpsd78abad3.jpg

Beer me. Times 5.
 photo 3f413ca3-8427-4a22-a985-505e79cff683_zpsf36321f1.jpg

Hubs met me at the finish line and exclaimed that I needed to lengthen my stride… umm.. okay. They had post race Jim N Nick’s BBQ and Bud Light… I had mine and J’s share and by the end of the night.. well.. I was singing very loudly to “Rock the Casbah” and dancing on the sidewalk. I wasn’t alone though, Shannon was right there with me. Whew.

I’m not going to lie.. running two races in one day makes me feel sort of Bad Ass and probably the deciding factor in me doing it, because I promise it wasn’t the $35 race fee plus having to buy my husband a plate of Jim N Nicks BBQ.

Have you ever raced twice in one day? What have you done that makes you feel like a total Bad Ass?


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