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Rock N Roll USA

This past weekend, I had a blast going up and visiting one of my favorite people in the world and the Internets, Molly.
We ran the Rock N Roll USA half marathon in DC, along with her sister Casey and her friend Ashley.
Molly and I braved the expo with the kiddos to pick up packets and I met/ scared one of my running idols, Skinny Runner. I randomly saw her while staring at her black compression socks with her tan TB flats. I reached out and screamed, ” ohmygod, Skinny Runner!!” I think she was frightened that I was going to make a coat out of her skin or something (I wouldn’t.. But I can’t promise I wouldn’t make a wig out of her hair.) anyway, we ended up on her blog. NBD. I also spied her on race day, but she looked frazzled trying to get to her corral.

Molly made us some delicious vodka chicken pasta, without the vodka (long story) for our pre- race meal.
Turns out that my best friend is better than your best friend, because somehow I always forget that Rebecca sends me chocolate covered strawberries before each race. I feel certain that Molly is glad she didn’t give her address to a serial killer.


We all went to bed at a reasonable hour, but not before painting our fingernails with green glitter nail polish.

We rode the Metro in and it was a lot more crowded than I had expected.

Casey and Ashley

Ever had those times in life when you try to do another person a solid and of backfires? This lady pops on the train and says, “oh hey! I’m a photographer and I wanted to get a shot for my project 52.” I’m all, “hey! Rock on sister! Fellow photog myself, feel free to get your shot!” stupid, stupid words. She hopped up on the seat and proceeded to knee, step on, and just generally kick me around in my own seat!

Have I mentioned that I hate crowds? This was the metro station when we pulled in. Not the best planning to have trains arrive at the same time. But, I won’t complain, I heard some people say their train got stuck in a tunnel and they missed the start of the race.

Side note- you need your ticket to exit the Metro. Learned that one the hard way. Never in my life have I been more proud to exclaim, “Alabama!” when someone asks where I am from for not knowing something. Yes.. I bet he thought I didn’t have indoor plumbing.

The four amigos pre-race


I really have a thing for glitter. It seems unhealthy. Loved my SparklySoul headband– it may be my favorite headband ever.

Molly and I stayed together for about the first 3 miles until I realized I needed to pee and I wasn’t going to make it 10 more miles. Which was major suckage because we were having a blast!


You just never know who you’ll see out on a race course…

I thought it was an excellent race. A little hot at the end and more hilly than I was expecting, but it was a good challenge. The finish was on a hill, and had I encountered any race personel, I may have stabbed them after that. My most important lesson here is to look at your elevation charts. :)

My garmin said 2:32, but my official time is a little slower than that since I stopped to greet the portable toilet. I really wanted to break 2:30, and stood a good chance of doing so without all those hills. Which means, I shall train on hills for the next month and just crush 2:30 and possibly even 2:15 in Nashville.

Excuse the wonky eye… Post race.

Molly made us some Irish Nachos via pinterest

And I became fearful for my life if I didn’t share my berries with everyone.

It was such a blast!! Running big races with friends is such a high! Running tends to be such a loner sport for me that it really energizes me to run with friends and huge crowd support.

My only complaints are the Expo… super crowded, not big enough to maneuver through– if crowds make you nervous, it’s not the place for you! My other complaint is the Metro.. personally, I think it needs to open even earlier next year. Runners like to be early and not late.

Training Tuesday

3 and a half weeks.

That’s how long it is until RNR DC.

Not long at all. I have yet to complete a 10 mile run. I know I can cross the finish line, but mentally I am not in the game.

Maybe it’s too many other factors– stress, family, seasonal depression, feelings of inadequacy.

You know once you get into a funk, it’s really hard to shake it. I keep letting these other factors affect me and my desire to run.

Everyone has been leaving comments, emails, and texts with ideas and love on my running. It’s so nice to hear.

I do know, that DC is going to hurt. It will not feel good to cross that finish line and attempt to walk around. Why? Because I’m haven’t been putting in the training. If I run a sub 2:30, it’ll be a miracle of God.

I know what I need. Some cross training. A run outside. A new playlist.

I also have no idea what I am wearing… any ideas? I wish I could find a pink and green St Patty’s Day shirt to run in.

So. I need ideas for my outfit. I’m thinking my Lululemon crops.

And your current favorite running songs.

And someone to come to Alabama and force me to run outside. I really really really loathe running outside by myself. The sidewalks randomly end around here and add some extremely questionable driving skills of others, it’s bad news bears.

So, as I am re-reading this post, it’s makes it sound as if I am on a ledge about to jump.. Trust me. I am not. I may or may not be sitting on my couch at 3:30 in the afternoon in my pajamas.

My goal is to get up and go run at 5 in the morning and Thursday morning and run in Nashville Friday. THEN, come home and run Sunday too. I guess that means, I can’t stay up until 11 watching The Vampire Diaries tonight. 

Sad Panda.

Also.. How true is this?

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Training Tuesdays

I thought about instilling a Training Tuesdays just to keep note with what is going on with my training lately. Feel free to let me know how any training or new workout program is going for you! We may need to get a snap cup for some of you! 

I got some new shoes this week and they couldn’t have come soon enough. I guess they are retiring my Brooks Ravenna 2′s, so I was able to score them on a deal from Amazon.

I was a terrible runner this past week.

I was knee deep in business taxes and those are 4 days I will never get back. I was so stressed that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to run. So, I ran Monday and Friday. Friday, I felt so good, I did some kettle bell squats and hip thrust things. I went up on my weights to an 18 lb kettle bell and I was so pumped. It hurt but I was proud. I was going to wake up early and get my long run done on Saturday, and I got to the gym by 7:15. I started to run and realized, my legs weren’t where my mind was, and after 2 agonizing miles, I called it quits. I was so mad at myself for making such a stupid training mistake the night before. Why did I think it was a good idea to not only, work out with weights, but also go up?

My hamstrings are still tight, but I plan to get back on the saddle again this week and not miss a run.. No matter how I have to swing it.

I really need to start making myself run outside. It’s going to kill me in a month if I don’t. Who wants to be my running buddy?

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