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Say What?

Thoughts on Lululemon

I have had several people ask me my opinion on the whole Lululemon thing… Here’s my opinion: Chip Wilson is a chauvinistic asshole. You are the CEO of a company that makes athletic clothing for women!! You should love women! You should embrace all shapes and sizes and rejoice in the amazingness of a woman’s body! But instead, you are a woman’s worst nightmare. Pointing out her flaws and places most women are the most insecure about?? Shame on you, Chip.

I think that Stephen Colbert said it nicely in his Alpha Dog of the Week…

The Colbert Report

Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Now, will I continue to buy Lululemon clothing? Most likely… not. I am not supporting a company who’s CEO is a complete jackass. I have turned the other cheek at the ridiculously priced clothing and I’ve even made excuses when certain colors bleed onto other colors or when $118 jackets start tearing up after 2 weeks of wear.

I tried not to be angry. I really did. I tried not to take it out on the beautiful clothing. But.. that tiny bit of feminism deep down inside me got all riled up, and I decided that I needed to break up with the company. I love their stuff. I do. But, it’s like continuing to get back together with the boyfriend who insults you in public and it makes me feel icky. I will continue to wear what I currently have, but I won’t be spending anymore money in that store. Sure, I will miss the Cool Racerback tanks… but somewhere, I will find a new love. I feel certain. But for now? Me and my thighs that rub together are taking it elsewhere, and my bank account thanks me.

Addy Talks…. Winning.

With Addy doing competition gymnastics, I have always stressed the importance of doing your best and having fun. It’s not always about winning.

(We have a problem with competitiveness with our little red head.)

Since my half marathons always give medals at the finish line, it was a legitimate question for her to ask if I was going to receive a medal after completing my Tri.

I told her I didn’t know if I would. She informed me that if I didn’t get a medal, she would give me one of hers, because “she didn’t need them all.”

On Saturday morning, we were headed to the race, and she told me this little gem:

“Mommy. I don’t care if you lose. All that is important is that you have fun.”

Right. I guess she WAS listening to all of my pep talks about it.

After I crossed the finish line, she walked with me back to the transition area to get all my stuff and started a conversation that went like this:

“Mommy. Why didn’t you get a medal?”

Me: “Well, they didn’t give finisher medals.”

“Well, THOSE people got them!”

Me: “Yes, they placed in their age group so they got a medal.”

“What does that mean?”

Me: “Well, it means they did their very best so they got a medal. Like what you do in gymnastics. If you didn’t do your best, then you wouldn’t get a medal.” (Very satisfied with my answer.)

“Mommy? Did you not do YOUR very best?” (touche, kid)

Me: “Well…. yes. But their best was better than my best.”

“But WHY didn’t you get a medal?! If you did your best, you should get a medal!”

I feel certain that conversation could have gone round and round for hours, luckily we were interrupted by someone.

I may butt heads with this kid all day long, but man, I love her sassiness!

Motherhood at it’s finest.

I had imagined having little girls required lots of dress up, tea parties, and princesses. And I am mostly right. But I wasn’t prepared for the downside of girls. Drama, frienemies, drama, back talking, oh, and did I mention drama?!

I hadn’t decided how I wanted to handle these types of things, but I am learning that sometimes, parenting is flying by the seat of your pants.

Like, how the other day, I needed to run into a store with both girls (which, frankly, scares the living daylights out of me.). So, I prep them, “this is a quick trip.We’ll be in and out. And then we can go get Chick-fil-A for lunch!” So, they agreed. It’s not that they are bad in stores, but I am out numbered and they like to wander and browse and throw tantrums for things they see and don’t get.

So, as soon as we enter the door, there is a very helpful sales lady asking us if we needed help finding anything. I tell her no, but thanks. Maybe I should mention here that she is in a wheel chair? Anyway, we get half way to the back of the store, and the same helpful sales lady asks if the girls can have suckers. I’m not gonna lie. This kind of stuff freaks me out and it’s almost lunch time. I politely decline telling her that we are about to go get lunch. Addison, my loving 5 year old, turns to me and very loudly asks, “MAMA! WHERE ARE THAT LADY’S LEGS?!?!?!?!” I thought I was going to die, right then and there.

Then, we make our way to the check out counter, and there is a nice lady who sounds like she is from Russia checking us out. Addison turns to me, once again, and asks, “MAMA! WHY IS THAT LADY SPEAKING SPANISH?” Geez Louise, kid.

Once we got home, I explained that if she saw something in a store and had questions about it, that maybe it would be best if she waited until we got into the car.

Then, last week, I am talking my sweet and charming Claire to the ENT doctor. We walk through the hospital doors, and there sits an older lady who appears to have just had eye surgery and is waiting on her loved ones to pick her up. Claire, looks at her, and then looks at me and exclaims, all while pointing her little finger, “LOOK! It’s a PIRATE!!!!” She was so proud of herself for spotting one of Captain Hook’s friends. I, could have crawled under the building and died.

But then, they do sweet little things like this, and how can you not love them?

In case you can’t understand what she’s saying- she is singing Taylor Swift’s new song “Ours”.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little mind

people throw rocks at things that shine

and life makes love look hard.

The stakes are high

the water’s rough

This love is Ours”

So sweet.. and for those that will ask about her chin- she fell out of her seat while coloring and hit it on the table. Poor kiddo. :(

Say Whaatt?!

I’ve been throwing around starting a “say whhaatt?” segment here on the ‘ol bloggity blog strictly based on things that the girls say. Addy has some hilarious things come out of her mouth and I really want to document it. I have been known to say some stupid things in my life and so I will post those here so you can all point and laugh at me too and not just John. So, if you hate “Kids say the darndest things..” then, you probably won’t like this post.
Last week, I told Addy that I had a headache- hoping to get some sympathy out of her. She turned, looked at me and asked, “Why does your head hurt? Did you do something to it? Or is it just the voices in your head?”
Yesterday she was wanting to play on the ipad and I told her no and then she proceeds to throw a fit and say, “But my ipad(her leapfrog) doesn’t have any angry birds on it!”
There is a picture of my dad and I out the day I got married and she asked, “Is this the day when you married Boom Pa?”
The amount of questions Addison asks will make your eyes cross.. seriously. It goes something like this. 
A: “Were you at the beach in this picture?”
Me: “No. I think that was a party for when we got married.”
A: ” When you got married?”
Me: “Yep.”
A: “Why did you have a party?”
Me: “Because thats what people do to celebrate.”
A: “Where was I?”
Me: “You weren’t here yet.”
A: “Was I in your belly?”
Me: “No. I wasn’t pregnant yet.”
A: “Well, where was I?”
Me: “Uhh…”
A: “Tell ME!!”
Me: “Well.. you weren’t in my belly yet, because I wasn’t married. You have to be married to have a baby.” And then I ran away and asked God for forgiveness for telling my 4 year old a lie. 
And for my stupid comment of the week- I don’t know why I have been quietly laughing about this lately, because I said it months ago! 
When the first pictures surfaced of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, John and I were talking about it. And then, the first trailer came out. And I just *knew* something was missing. So, I thought about it. I asked John, “Hey! Where is his bow and arrow?” John replied with, “What bow and arrow?” I was getting all exasperated, “You KNOW! His bow and arrow!!” John looked at me. “That’s the Green Arrow.” 
Ohhh… Whoops. Can’t keep all those Super Heroes straight. 

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