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I’m Alive.. no worries. Unless you didn’t want me to be,

Hi all. It’s me. 
I’m alive. 
Much like Kenny Chesney. 
I’ve had a CrAzY busy couple of weeks and honestly, needed to drop some balls that I was juggling.
 I am all caught up. 
Much like Usher. 
So.. I give to you.. my past two weeks via my iPhone.. (which I now realize is totally copying Neely.. sorry, yo. It wasn’t intentional.) 
I ran 10 miles. It was glorious and not that painful. Which makes me quite hopeful for Savannah in 32 days. 
I had dinner with the Big Guy. 
I wore a dress you could see through.. by accident. 
I learned the hard way not to wear high heels the day after running 10 miles, no matter how NOT sore your legs were that morning. 
I ate BBQ. KIDDING. I most certainly did not. But a lot of people did. Including the Tide. Sorry Pig Sooie fans. 
One of the reasons I love The Zone… 
I ate my weight in cheesy potato wedges. 
Had a date night with the Hubs.. and had a stranger ask me if I was going to the Fair. Which I was not. 
My outfit for Savannah came in.. and the shorts are monsterously large and short. Good combo! 
And last but not least… we had a sickness invade one of our children that allowed me to stay home from Gainesville. 
I may or may not have had a little cry about it.. since on my 30 by 30 list is to go to every SEC stadium.. and we only play Florida about once every 5 years.. so… it’s not going to happen. BUT, it should totally count, right? I mean.. I’ve seen them 4 other times. RIGHT???
Anyway.. as you can tell.. or maybe not? I am not doing a giveaway at my 400th post.. I do have the things needed for said giveaway, but just no time right now. 
So.. eventually, grasshopper. 
Bare with me.. as I have lost blogging motivation. I am trying to do better. 

Road to Recovery and Disney!!

We may have done a TON of this over the past couple of days:
But, we are on the mend. I did get it Friday afternoon/evening. Thankfully the vomiting didn’t start until after John got home. You know that feeling that you KNOW you are going to be throwing up your lunch later as you actually eat it? Yeah.. I had that. Good news is, it seems John’s mask worked and he hasn’t gotten it. The bathrooms and kitchen are disinfected and I have washed more sheets and towels than I care to admit. 
We have also unloaded our piggy banks…
In an effort to teach the girls about saving money, I told Addison that we would empty her piggy bank and she could pick out and buy whatever she wanted to with her money. She was all for it! 
Look at that concentration!! 
In the events of sickness, I missed a 5 mile run and my 10 mile run. Which, I know in the scheme of training, it isn’t that big of a deal, but, mentally, I really wanted that 10 mile run. Now my question is, Do I run 5 tomorrow? And maybe 3 Thursday if I can fit it in our Disney schedule?
And I know everyone has been waiting for the outfit reveal….
I am still a little undecided on the tall socks.. I like them, but I didn’t get a chance to run in them, so I am not sure how they will do. I have a sparkly silver sweaty band–it reminds me of Cinderella! 
If you see me on the course.. Say Hello! Or ya know, drag me across the finish line. 

Home Invasion

We have a home invasion, people. Just in case you don’t follow on the Twitter.. the stomach bug has infiltrated our house. Claire woke with it yesterday and threw up in my bed. I thought it was a fluke. But then, she threw up in the living room. I went into her room to find her bed covered in throw up. Why hadn’t the Hubs or the 4 year old mentioned that as I snoozed to the new Disney Junior? So, I pulled off her sheets and washed them. She wanted some juice so I gave it to her. Then she had diarrhea. So I changed her and her outfit. Not 3 minutes later, she threw up all that juice in the hallway floor and the slipped and fell in it. DRAMA. A 2 year old vomiting is straight up drama, y’all. They don’t know it’s coming. You don’t know it’s coming. So all you can do is hope it will come out of your Pottery Barn rug. 
I called the dr. They called me back an hour and half later. Told me to watch for signs on dehydration, try to keep fluids down her, and that we were all going to get it. Awesome.
My sis had some phenergan gel from when they had it(yes, I know you aren’t supposed to share drugs, but we are a medical family and my pharmacist AKA step dad told me to do it.) so we got that in Claire. Put clean sheets on her bed. Made her drink some gatorade. Then.. you guessed it. She threw up in her bed. John- who is wearing a mask inside the house at all times and eating meals on the back deck- gave her a bath, I stripped her bed again and washed the sheets again.. put down some ghetto bedding and let her go back to sleep. 
I think she threw up at least 12 times. I gave her a last dose of the phenergan gel, gave her a little gatorade, waited to see if she would throw that up and then put her to bed. She woke about 15 minutes later vomiting in her bed. 
John had gone to his parents house as to not catch it and little Addison is who helped me get things cleaned up. 
Claire ended up in my bed at 2:30 this morning and Addison in there at 5:45. 
I slowly introduced fluids to her and she seemed fine with it. Until she got into Addison’s goldfish crackers. She threw up and then passed out standing up at the ottoman. 
Then, at lunchtime today, Addison started with it. And I am not feeling so hot now, so I am praying we get over this before we leave Wednesday. 
I am guessing there isn’t a 10 mile run in my weekend plans anymore. 
I also don’t know if this makes sense. I apologize if it doesn’t. 

Lady Biz Saga Continued…

When we last left off, I was burned by the receptionist at my lady biz doctor and was made an appt for Tuesday. So, on the big day, I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare, and sat down to wait. A few minutes passed and they called me back to pay my co-pay. So, I went back there. The woman asked my name and appointment time and I told her and she couldn’t find me on the list. *red flag* So, she just wrote me down and took my $20. I asked her if I came at the wrong time– I am super paranoid about going to the doctor at the wrong time. She told me no that it hadn’t printed off for whatever reason. So I head back to the waiting room. About 15 minutes later, the receptionist called me up there and asked why I was coming in today. I tried to keep my cool, but I am pretty sure my eyes were shooting daggers at that woman while I told my brief story of the crappy receptionist. It was probably her anyway.

So, I head back to my seat with the assumption they were working me in. Once I was the only person left, I was called back. I kinda sorta unloaded on the nurse, but tried to not take it out on her, afterall, it wasn’t her fault. But she told me she was told I called and cancelled my appointment. UMMM WHAT?!!?!?! No, that didn’t happen, at all.

They ended up doing my yearly exam… gotta love a little cervical scrapeage.  Dr. F told me that she thought that my problem was an egg popping out of my ovary. Not sure if I believe that or not, since I have NEVER had that happen before. But, a ultrasound wouldn’t have done any good since the fluid is gone now. But, she didn’t feel any cysts or anything on my ovaries, so I opted to not have an ultrasound.

I am still pretty jacked about the front office issues. Not sure what to do. It’s not my doctors or her nurses fault and I was assured by Dr F that I would be seen the day I was in pain if it happens again. She also encouraged me not to skip out my b.c. anymore unless I wanted #3.

So I ask you, virtual friends, what would you do in this situation? Change doctors? I would have to go an hour out of town to see someone in a different group. Change doctors within the group? Write a letter to the office manager? Let it go completely?


I ended up calling my OB/GYN yesterday and this is how the phone conversation proceeded:

Me: Hi! I’m a patient of Dr.F’s and I am having some problems. I started having cramps last night in my lower abdomen around my ovaries, and then proceeded to start throwing up. I haven’t thrown up today, but I am really hurting around my ovaries and was wondering if maybe I had a cyst to rupture? I would just like to talk to one of the nurses,please.”

Mean Lady: “Well, she is going to want you to come in. How is Friday afternoon?”

Me: I can’t do Friday. Is there anything sooner?

Mean Lady: Well then, can you do Tuesday? (In a snooty voice)

Me: *sigh* yes, Tuesday is fine. Am I still going to get to talk to a nurse today? Can someone call me back?

Mean Lady: Oh no. That’s not likely.

Uhhh okay. Please tell me, what is the point of having doctors if and when you have a FREAKING problem, you can’t get into see them that day? Please tell me how 6 days from now, this dr. appt is going to help me? This is ridiculous. I didn’t call to be cock blocked by some stupid receptionist. I wanted to talk to someone. To see what I can do to aliviate pain. I can’t even pick up my daughter b/c it hurts. Please tell me how this helps anyone?? Besides, when you go to these drs it’s an all day affair anyway.

But, I am already feeling better. Just a little sore and extremely bloated. I have a muffin top over my jeans. I prefer elastic waist pants today.

On a different note… My weight loss is going pretty well. I got down to 136.5 a couple of weeks ago, and the WW peeps decided I needed less points and I kind of fell apart. And got sick. And with the bloating, I am back up to 139. Which isn’t so bad. But I wanted to be 135 at Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t look like that will happen. Sad day.

Pain Pain Go Away!!!

So last night started out okay. John is getting off of work at 4:00 now, and gets to come home and play with us. I made taco soup and it was smelling delicious. I couldn’t wait to try it. We came in from a fun afternoon is riding bikes in the driveway ate some supper, played, watched some cartoons.. John had another Bama Club meeting, so it was just the girls. I got the girls to bed, had the last Granny Smith Woodchuck beer (it was delicious, by the way!), John came home and we watched Glee. We headed to bed afterwards, and I was satisfying my sweet tooth with some sweet tarts, and I started getting crampy. But it wasn’t stomach crampy. It was like ovary crampy. John tells me to go the bathroom– that’s his answer for everything.

So, I am sitting there, feeling like I am dying, and I have a wave of heat come over me. I take off my socks and my pajama bottoms and ask John for a cold wash cloth. I laid on the cold tile to help cool me off.. and then, I just knew what was coming. So I sat up, and hugged the toilet. I think I started moaning and John said, “Are you okay?” And as my mouth started watering, I said, “I’m going to vomit”. And I did. All that taco soup. And people? That shit BURNED. My stomach, throat, and mouth burned from the acid of the tomatoes. Once I stopped, I asked John to take my temperature because I immediately got cold chills and was freezing. Our thermometer was broken, of course.

I actually, stopped at this point, Tweeted about it and texted Rebecca. (Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a social media addict.)

The whole time this was going on, I just kept complaining about my ovaries hurting. I thought they were going to explode they hurt so bad. I had John get me a Zofran and then round two came on. I ended up coming very close to falling asleep propped on the toilet, so I grabbed the trash can and crawled into bed. I slept fine until 4 am, when John woke me up, so I went to pee and realized how weak I was. I never actually went back to sleep, my ovaries hurt too bad.

Everyone is asking me if I am pregnant. NO. I am not.

I did a little googling this morning and WebMD says I have had an ovarian cyst to rupture. So, awesome. I am still hurting this morning.
Not sure if I should call my doctor or not… Don’t know if there is anything they can do.

What would you do?

Mice, Germs, and Alcohol…

I know. It’s been a while. But I have an excuse.  I have been sick. Went to the doctor last week, he told me I had an cold which it’s primary place of attack was my chest and back of the throat. And it was a “landing pad” for other infections. Whatever. Just give me some medicine and send me on my way.. a week later.. I am still sick!!!

We have also had a mouse problem during my sickness… I could hear it squeaking in the cabinet under the sink. Which meant, I didn’t go in the kitchen. Or clean it. Or clean the rest of my house. Terminix man came, said there were actually TWO of them. Great.. he took care of them and set some more glue traps. I heard another one squeaking… and then it stopped. and THEN Saturday, I was minding my own business, editing pictures at my computer, and I thought I saw something move by my foot. Hmm.. didn’t seen anything so I thought it was an illusion. BUT, then a few minutes later I got up to get something out of the kitchen and I saw it. A mouse, climbing into a hole between my cabinets and my oven. AHHH…  I screamed. John made fun of me. And I left. I am pretty sure John didn’t do anything about that mouse.

Also.. BIG NEWS in our small town. We had our Wet/Dry vote last week… and We have gone wet. So.. we can serve and buy alcohol here. It’s a BFD, people. I am hoping for a Target or a Publix or both. That would be way super awesome. It won’t go into effect for a few months, while the City Council works on the stipulations.

I have also been crazy busy with photography lately. Which is a good thing. I am loving it.

Happy Monday!

Busy Week… for our Doctors

Sunday afternoon was just like any other lazy day. We had just come in from the pool where Addison and Claire both had a blast and really, FINALLY, started swimming. Claire has gotten into this new habit of stealing Addison’s shoes that are haphazardly laying around and sticking them on her hands. It really peeves Addison and she always uses her Mommy Voice, “Cwaire, do NOT do that Aaannyyymore!”, which consists of lots of clipped tones and words. As John and I were enthralled in the Man Vs Food marathon that was on the Travel Channel, we hear they thud. The one that let’s us know that Claire has taken a spill. John looks at me and says, “I don’t understand how she just falls randomly.” After a few seconds, Addison looks at us, who has been watching the whole thing unfold, and says, “Uh OH! Cwaire have blood!” We immediately jump up, John gets to her first. And sure enough, blood is coming out of her lip at an alarming pace. We get over to the sink and start to clean it up, and John is asking, “did she bit through it? what about her teeth?” And about that time, blood starts coming out of her nose and I start my investigation on whether it’s broken or not. We get the bleeding stopped and decide that she does, indeed, need to be checked out “just in case”. Which, I hate doing, simply because it’s a $35 co pay down the drain. Normally, they just check you out, say, “Oh she’s fine! Just keep doing what you are doing!” and then I’m $35 poorer. But, I was worried her nose was possibly broken or she was going to need stitches, so we went to Urgent Care. Her nose was in fact, NOT broken and the doctor would do stitches for the fact that it’s inside the lip, but it looked really bad. 

So, that was our Sunday evening. Monday goes off without a hitch, with me going to Huntsville to get my car serviced and Tuesday morning is no different, with Addison crawling into my bed around 6:30 as John is on his way out the door. Claire wakes up around 7:30 and I get up with her. Addison sleeps until about 8:45, which she NEVER does. When she woke up, she was BURNING UP. Like, she’d been sleeping wrapped in a heating blanket all night. I give her a few minutes, to cool down, thinking it was just warm under my covers and she tends to radiate heat anyway. I take her temp. It’s 104. I take it a few minutes later and it’s 103.5. At this point, I decided to just give her some Tylenol and see what that does to her fever. Over the next few hours it brings it down to around 101.5 and after her nap it’s 103.5. So I load the kiddos up and take them to Urgent Care again. They recognize us, and I assure them that it’s the other child this time. The lady takes A’s temp and it says 99.6. I said No Way. She takes it again. 99.5. I just decide that she doesn’t know how to take a temperature. 
So, they do a strep test and it’s negative, but all signs point to strep, so that’s what we are treating. Strep Throat. Great. 
After one dose of medicine, she was already feeling better and after the second dose, she is pretty much back to normal, just a not as hungry version of herself. Which, has been kind of awful, she is still contagious until tomorrow afternoon. So, we can’t go anywhere. Boo. 
Anyway, here is a picture of her with chocolate on her face and a video of her dancing and singing to Lady GaGa, who is her very favorite. 

Addison Sings Lady GaGa from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Hope You Enjoy!


In case you haven’t read my tweets. I have been sick. My car had to be serviced on Monday, so Claire and I ventured to Birmingham and did some Christmas shopping, which, I am almost finished with! Whoo! Since the stroller wouldn’t fit in the loaner car, I was destined to hold her as we walked around the mall, which I didn’t think through very well, because she became extremely heavy and I also had to hold bags. Birmingham has apparently gotten a new Target that is the biggest in the U.S. or something like that, so we went to check it out. It was quite massive. But not massive enough to hold a size 2 1/2 pair of black Chuck Taylors with the white tips for James birthday. Anyway, at that point, Claire and I were tired of Birmingham and they couldn’t tell me anything on my car so we headed back home. Which is a good thing, because they didn’t call me until 6:00 to tell me that they needed to keep my car. Anyway, I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I scarfed down some goldfish crackers and headed to the gym. When I got home, I ate a lean cuisine and took a shower. ( Have I mentioned that my $160 hair dryer died on me two weeks ago? It started blowing cold air, and of course, the warranty was out. Grrr.) I got to use my new $200 T3 hair dryer and ohmylordisitamazing? Best money I have ever made my husband spend. Plus, it was a lifetime warranty from Sephora. Anyway, I woke up around 2:30 and was just nauseous. I was able to go back to bed but an hour later, I woke up again and knew I was going to vomit. And I did. It was gross. When I woke up about 6:30, I felt awful. My hips were killing me, I was extremely tired and weak, and I was still having some nausea. I ended up starting to run a fever and had to have John come and take me to the doctor. They tested me for flu- have you ever had that done? It felt like they were trying to scrape my brain. I pretty much screamed the whole time and poor Claire was sitting in my lap and I was squeezing her arm. It was negative, so he could just treat the symptoms. I ended up passing out when we got home and felt a little better after I woke up, and I tried to eat a sandwich for supper and ate about 4 bites of it and had to stop. I was in the bed at 7:15. I feel better this morning but my head is killing me. I have an occipital trigger point, which causes these AWFUL headaches that make me want to stab my eyeballs out. So, I am going to get that injected today. On the bright side, I have lost 4 lbs!

Sorry for the pity party, but this is what my life has been for the past 48 hours.

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