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Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads– Easter Edition

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!! I plan on posting about ours as soon as I can get my head above my To Do List.. one of the things I’ve been wanting to bring back is my Thursday Threads… I miss my outfit posts. Hopefully you do too! If not.. you might want to look away.

Interestingly enough, this outfit post has prompted a photography post in the making… Lucky y’all!

 photo c726bd49-752a-4fd0-9da6-ae28d5b6400a_zps80d6ef0b.jpg

Anyway… here was my Easter outfit.. Yes. I wore panty hose. I live in the South, y’all! You should just be glad I didn’t wear a matching hat.

 photo 7adee050-8547-49a9-84c9-f72353fd3bf9_zps69767886.jpg

 Blazer, Dress, (Similar) , Nude Heels

My outfit was sort of a hodge podge. I thought the dress came with a belt, it didn’t… luckily I had a hot pink one though. My earrings came from Claire’s and my bracelet was H&M. I am glad I wore hose, because my dress was a tad short for church. Eek.But longer than last years, so I consider it a win.

Is it a tradition for you to get a brand new outfit for Easter?

Thursday threads–Championship edition

So, I went to a little game in Miami this week… it’s called the National Title Game.

The weather was gorgeous and my team won, so that was a plus. ;)

What I wore:


Excuse the rogue zipper. I fought it all day.

Skirt: Judith March

Top: The Limited from 10 years ago. Yes. Really. Bought it my freshman year of collage.

Shoes: KMart

Jewelry: Ellie Crimson and Molly Suzanne


Photo bombed by Jay… hope your proud of yourself!


Close up of my favorite bracelets from Molly Suzanne!! Seriously. Go check her out!!

Thursday Threads

Here was my outfit choice for the Texas A&M game. It’s the first time I have worn pants all year. Weird, no?


Tank- Kmart. Yep. Kmart

Pants- Target

Shoes- If The Shoe Fits.. only $25!!

Thursday Threads

Today is my last day… So I thought I would celebrate with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and my polka dot pants.

I think there may be an intervention for my love of bauble necklaces coming… I’ve worn one everyday this week.

I love these purple shoes! I’m loving pairing purple with yellow currently…


Pants are from Target, shirt from H&M and my shoes from Old Navy.

John took me out to a celebratory lunch at Logan’s today, and I ordered a salad without the blue cheese. I started eating it, and noticed blue cheese all over the bottom of my salad. Eeww. So I sent it back. It took so long, I had to get it to go and eat it at work. I got it back to the office and it didn’t have chicken and had the equivalent of half a slice of bacon and half a hard boiled egg. If I would have known that, I would have stolen all those goodies from the salad I left on the table.

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Thursday Threads-GameDay Edition

Alabama’s first game was this past weekend against Michigan. The game was played in Dallas.. we opted to sell our tickets and not pay $400 in airfare.

But just because we didn’t cheer on the Tide from Jerry World, doesn’t mean I didn’t get gussied up for the game.


Couldn’t decide.. tucked in or out? I was worried the high waist was too high.. is that a real problem?


Outfit Deets:

Sparkle tank- Kmart $10 (I KNOW!!)

Shorts– What a Girl Wants-local boutique- scored them on sale for $18!

Shoes- KMart $20-ish. They have been an awesome go to wedge for the summer.

Such a comfy outfit– it was perfect for eating boiled shrimp, laughing with friends, curling up in a chair and watching some football!

Addy even got her stylin’ on.


Roll Tide, Y’all!

Thursday Threads

Addy starts kindergarten next week *sniff sniff* and we had her open house this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this, and you know I like to dress accordingly, so I went with my trusty skinny jeans. Seriously, y’all. What am I going to do when these go out of style?! I wear colored skinnies all. The. Time.
Every time I wear this combo, I wish I had a yellow belt, but alas, I do not.

Green skinnies– Ross $15
Navy and white striped top- Express last Spring
Shoes– Express last Spring.
Jewelry– Claire’s.


Thursday Threads

J and I celebrated our 7 wedding anniversary this past weekend.

It was a week early.

Claire starts school on our actual anniversary, so we spent the night at Ross Bridge in Birmingham and went out to dinner.. It was delish and we had a great time.

Hair and Make-up before the heat and humidity got to it…


Two peas in a pod…


I borrowed this dress from Kelsie… it was a contender for my reunion and when I texted her a picture of it, she informed me she had just bought it and I could borrow it anytime.


Shoes are Jessica Simpson.. I spent MONTHS searching for the perfect pair of nude heels. These shoes hate feet and want them to die.


I also got fitted for a bike… in a dress. Whoops! I feel certain dude was glad I had a pair of shorts in the car.


I love being able to borrow clothes from friends.. it really extends your closet!

Thursday threads

Another H&M find… Need to give a shout out to my coworker Michaela who keeps being my fashion photographer for the workplace.


Entire outfit, including jewelry came from H&M.. I’m telling you. It’s a sickness, guys.

Hope y’all had a happy 4th of July!

Thursday threads

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Thursday Threads– My Yellow Dress.

This dress was the first thing I bought after scoring my new job. Of course, I’ve had to wait a while, but I get so many compliments on it!

Also. I’m proud of my rose bush. It’s a tad OOC. And we have a birds nest in it, but it’s pretty nonetheless! (Apologies for standing so awkwardly.)

Dress: I got at Altar’d State, but it’s that Esley brand that I love.

Shoes: Target

Earrings: Honeymoon present in Jamaica.

Hope y’all enjoyed my yellow dress! If you happen to have a tan you could mail me, I would greatly appreciate it!

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