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Monthly Mojo in April

 photo MonthlyMojoLogo3-1_zps853128b7.jpeg

It’s that time again.. for Monthly Mojo.. truth be told, we are all a tad late. April snuck up on us!

Now.. onto my favorite things!

First up… THIS GUY. Cause it’s his birthday and all. Happy Birthday, boo boo!
 photo MontegoBay_6_zps127a42aa.jpg


This view wasn’t terrible from Margaritaville in Montego Bay… I wish I was there now!

 photo MontegoBay_1_zpsb4deb990.jpg

I’m having a not-so-secret love affair with eyelit lace.. I want it on everything!
 photo 01d8557d-767f-4886-a5e8-5f96693f8854_zps2a6993c7.png


I’ve finally found the best shorts.. the Lululemon Groovy Run shorts.. great pockets and I like the length on them. They cover my cellulite nicely.
 photo e5f4cb9f-5ce0-4e41-a1a9-40b7469a58cf_zpsf63b7e3a.png


And last but not least… my Old Navy flips. I have a million pair, but at $2.50, you can’t go wrong with a closet full!
 photo 23245b9c-77b0-435f-ba9a-b4abc8ba0a89_zps5c755cfd.png


Don’t forget to stop by Molly and Heather and give them some love! I’m glad that it seems that SPRING has arrived!

Montego Bay

There are a ton of pictures here, and not so many words!

Our first stop on the Carnival Sunshine was Montego Bay. I’m generally not a fan of Jamaica, so I just wanted to chill and hang out at Margaritaville.

 photo MontegoBay_19_zps989ef05e.jpg


The girls colored for a while and just enjoyed the views..

 photo MontegoBay_4_zpscc2b7bd5.jpg
 photo MontegoBay_5_zpsed3b33c0.jpg

I ordered this thing… It hit the spot, let me tell ya!
 photo MontegoBay_8_zpsdbd39684.jpg
 photo MontegoBay_7_zps3c8b848d.jpg
 photo MontegoBay_11_zps0bf5104b.jpg


I caught this sweet moment on film…

 photo MontegoBay_9_zpsdfdfb033.jpg

and then I was spotted and this is what I got.. C being mad about something.
 photo MontegoBay_13_zps6baa9196.jpg


Preciousness. Right here.

 photo MontegoBay_16_zps048acb4b.jpg


I was so jazzed to go down the slide… it’s so fun!

 photo MontegoBay_2_zps9849818c.jpg


Not a bad view!

 photo MontegoBay_1_zpsb4deb990.jpg
 photo MontegoBay_zps07397a5e.jpg

Addy and I played in the ocean for a while.. jumping on the trampoline and swimming. I got the stank eye from a few mom’s since I didn’t have a life jacket on her.
 photo MontegoBay_17_zpscb2c18a2.jpg

This was honestly one of the most fun days we have ever had. I loved spending time with my family and just hanging out!
 photo MontegoBay_20_zps2345fea3.jpg


*My family and I were provided with this trip by Carnival Cruise Lines. The opinions are my own!*

Monthly Mojo in March

 photo MonthlyMojoLogo3-1_zps853128b7.jpeg

It’s that time again… Time for Monthly Mojo again with two of my favorite ladies… Heather and Molly!!


I’ve found a new love of compression socks… they have really been helping with recovery. I want them all!!
 photo ba356c35-22fa-4558-8b07-88039c1ede81_zps057e8e8c.png

Zensah Compression Socks


Group texting… More importantly.. group texting with Molly and Rebecca. Doesn’t everyone send selfies and discuss outfits with their friends?!
 photo bb1ebe56-a02c-4b27-a208-6d4b5630acb6_zps336761b7.png


I love my Breville blender… It was sort of a Valentine’s present. I’ve been making smoothies almost every day! (I see you eyeing my Hello Kitty toaster.. back off. It’s mine!)
 photo 5D76060D-1957-411E-B94F-E6012B990563_zpswlz69yrj.jpg


Since it’s starting to warm up, Nuun is becoming super important for staying hydrated. P.S. They have a new kind out with caffeine!
 photo DC50443C-DCEA-42E0-AEB7-FD27E0170CB6_zpslul7mkzw.jpg


I can’t stop watching Gossip Girl again… I’m once again obsessed with my favorite Upper East Siders.
 photo Gossip-Girl-haleydewit-29694458-1440-900_zps267c8b61.jpg


What are some of your favorite things right now??

My Style Monday–Puma Fitness Review

*The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA*

My Style Monday

I was sent some amazingly colorful gym wear from Puma to try out.. Y’all know I love some bright work out gear! This outfit is so comfortable!!
 photo Puma_2_zps03b87666.jpg
The Gym Loose Top  is so comfy! It’s loose fitting, so it gives you plenty of room to move around, but is also moisture wicking and a great piece for layering work out clothes.
I love the color scheme for Gym-licious Bra. While it isn’t as supportive as one might need for higher impact sports, it’s gear for hitting the weights at the gym. It has ACTV technology that integrates athletic tape in the interior of the bands to help stimulate muscle recovery.
I’m a little in love with Gym ACTV Power 3/4 Tight. They are compression which is awesome with stimulating muscles for faster recovery. Plus… look how bright they are!
 photo Puma_4_zpsbfcda1fc.jpg
I love the back cut out of this tank!!
 photo Puma_5_zps591c50be.jpg
The Bubble XT Tribal Shoe is color coordinated with the outfit.. you know I love that. This is an extremely light weight shoe, but had a surprising amount of cushion. I can’t lie.. it makes a little bit of a crunchy sound at first, due to the material, but it’s not that noticeable.
 photo Puma_7_zps7dd9e659.jpg
 photo Puma_9_zps0d961658.jpg
How fun is the bottom of it??
 photo Puma_0013_zpsbd2f7780.jpg
These pieces are a great way to feel cute at the gym!!
 photo Puma_6_zps795a2ffb.jpg
*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*

My Style Monday–Crimson + Blazers

My Style Monday

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<img src=”” alt=”My Style Monday”>

I love layering and I love this dress. I got it for an Alabama Football game this fall, and I love throwing outfits like this together!  photo January_0024_zps71e32ab4.jpg

 photo January_0028_zps3f61e3ed.jpg

Dress– Similar or Similar|  Blazer– Molly Suzanne | Necklace– Molly Suzanne | Boots– Frye Here  and Here

My Style Monday– Stripes

My Style Monday

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<img src=”” alt=”My Style Monday”>

One of the reasons that I love Pinterest, is that there is always cute outfit suggestions on there. Which is where I got this one.  photo January_0044_zpsf4180b7f.jpg

This sweater is so comfy and these are some of my favorite boots.
 photo January_0040_zps66a7e28c.jpg

This is definitely one of those comfortable but cute outfits.

 photo January_0043_zpsadcb9ca8.jpg



Sweater Forever 21 similar similar | Jeans Forever 21 | Boots Sole Society similar 

 photo January_0045_zpsda13a7c6.jpg

Necklace Forever 21 similar | Bracelets Molly Suzanne


My First Snow Run

We woke up Thursday morning to a Winter Wonderland. Except, I like Summer and am over this extremely cold weather. This was, of course, after already being trapped in the house for 2 days… err… I mean, being at home with my sweet redheaded children who love to fight in a fort and bake in the Easy Bake Oven.

Proof I went a tad insane. Lululemon, fuzzy house slippers, and a Key West coffee mug. photo 373C6BA0-F088-4B64-A62F-9279DFF2DA65_zpsyoznvbj8.jpg


As I sat watching the snowfall Wednesday evening, it was so peaceful, and all I could think was “I HAVE to run in this!”. Someone should have had me committed at that moment, because that’s the exact opposite of me 2 years ago. Heck, even 2 months ago. I don’t do the extreme cold. But I was itching to get out in it.

I decided to run out my front door. Something I very rarely (okay. Never.) do. Simply because it’s not very safe. People drive crazy on country roads and I don’t want to be road kill.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life… it was gorgeous.

 photo 2300BAC3-4DDB-4669-85F0-2EEB5D96C4D2_zpsinqygukt.jpg


I learned that you run on the powdered stuff and don’t try to attempt to run in someone’s tire tracks, because it’s frozen and the powder is soft. I stopped and took pictures when I wanted (which was a lot!). I even had some animals look at me like I was crazy.

 photo 70E32B2F-2881-4322-AFCD-446745FD6431_zps6qvtxhba.jpg


It tried to eat my shoes, but I wouldn’t let it!

 photo A5FDC944-52BA-4F2D-AECE-9DB054EBD127_zpsexemdp8m.jpg

It was so fun running like this. Having to be careful where I stepped, but just running for fun with no time goals or stress and some beautiful surroundings. It was wonderful to help relieve some of the stress of my upcoming race and really just have fun running in the snow.
 photo DA628710-3A51-4503-94D3-692052D24EF2_zpskw3jkaso.jpg

Not bad.
 photo 77D8E56D-CDD5-4AAD-9F91-8D78F4234801_zpsblomlhxu.jpg


Here’s to a sub 2 at Mercedes!

My Style Monday– Hot Pink + Houndstooth

My Style Monday

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<img src=”” alt=”My Style Monday”>

Sometimes, I get bored with my outfits. I have my staples and my “go to’s”.  It easy to get bored and you need to change it up! I love some houndstooth, and I love finding other colors to pair it with besides crimson.

 photo January_0029_zps13e4b502.jpg

 photo January_0030_zps775164a6.jpg


Cardigan Target similar | Skirt H&M similar or similar |  Boots– Frye Melissa

Monthly Mojo

Heather, Molly, and I decided to start a monthly feature of Our Monthly Mojo… Basically it’s our 5 favorite things at that moment. It’s going to be on the first Friday of every month. I’m super excited about it!

First things first… I’m loving my Frye boot. Mom got them for me for Christmas, and I will be sad to see boot season leave me and my BFF Melissa (that’s the boot’s name).

 photo FavThings_1_zpsbe637644.jpg

Melissa can be found Here or Here 

 photo FavThings_zps287ffc2c.jpg

I am also loving this Fresh Seaberry Lotion… it smells fantastic and helps my dry skin. It can be found Here.
 photo BAD43F9F-3F19-4567-8DC1-95457857AE17_zpshivn9c36.jpg


I’ve been running a lot with my Koss headphones.. I love them. The music sounds fantastic and they fit my ears perfectly!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.33.58 PM I’ve gotten on a craft beer kick lately, since wine wasn’t so friendly over Thanksgiving. First it was Good People. Now it’s Back Forty’s Truck Stop Honey. Yummy. It’s made in Gadsden. I haven’t tried any of the other kinds, but I’ve heard this is the best one.

 photo D574AD89-AD70-45E6-BBEA-10A6A9EB2A95_zpsbwtvdqbz.jpg

Lastly, My disgusting runner’s feet love this stuff. It’s thick and will leave foot prints all over my hardwood floors, but it’s heaven for my animal hyde runners feet. I like to lather it on and put on some thick socks before bed.

Two Weeks Until Mercedes Half

This past weekend, my Twitter turned in real life friend, Jen came into town on her way to rocking New Orleans and I just had to drive down and have dinner with her and several of the Resolute Runners. It was great to meet some new people and see some “old” faces.

Jennifer is one of the first local runners I ever met on social media and she has introduced me into a whole new world of crazy with Resolute Running.. but it feels good to know they are other runner crazies out there and most even more hard core than me.

 photo 7ECD9D32-C549-4425-BD28-2650023637DC_zpselnzam60.jpg


The man, the myth, the legend… Coach Alex.

 photo E9941ABC-4AEC-4092-BB7B-8D89F721C972_zps6xbm5dns.jpg


After loading myself up on pizza, I met my Saturday morning crew at a ridiculous time of 5 am to get in 12 miles. With it being my last double digit run before Mercedes, I really wanted things to go well. Let’s just say… it didn’t. I felt tired, lethargic, mentally not into it. We looped back to pick up some more runners around mile 7, and were waiting on them to stretch and I think we cooled off and I just could not rally. The next two miles were miserable and I just headed back to the car. I couldn’t force myself to run another 3 miles. So I finished out with 9. I think I hadn’t had enough water and I think my Chick-fil-a addiction is catching up with me.. So, I’m vowing to give up Chick-fil-a for the rest of the month and also make sure I’m drinking enough water. This is going to be hard, y’all. Hopefully, I will see a difference in how I feel.

 photo F0172EE2-70A3-4C91-9055-861CAAF6E62A_zps7l5gew0t.jpg


I will honest, y’all. I am tired of running in this cold. When 32 degrees is “warmed up”, you know it’s a problem. I’m tired of fleece lined tights, and Michelin man layers, and gloves, and ear warmers. I hate using up all the hot water trying to thaw out after long runs too. There. I said it. I’m not cut out for the cold. Give me heat, humidity and mosquitoes any day. Someone needs to remind me that I said that come August.

The start of February brings the start of my 5th month with the RR team. Mercedes will be the first race on a full training cycle with my coach. I feel stronger coming back and am really hoping for a sub 2 at Mercedes. I’m still running in the brace, but starting to come out of it. There is still the normal soreness in the ankle, but it’s always there and probably won’t go away for a while.

I’m trying not to get nervous and psyche myself out for this race, but I want to break 2, so bad. I’ve been so close in the past, so I know it’s there. I’ve put in some serious training in brutal conditions. Between wind, rain, wind, cold, wind, more cold… I’m just hoping for decent weather with no wind, please! I want to sign up for Tuscaloosa as a safety net race, but I’m not sure of my March work schedule yet, and if I thought January was busy… March ain’t got nuttin’ on it. It’s insane.

I’m ready to race in this shirt!

 photo 98773753-2F9C-47C4-A408-A9518796C1A8_zps3qb2gkyl.jpg

I hope you guys will stick around for the upcoming racing nerves… they are sure to be good ones! I’m hoping to knock out some projects with all that nervous energy!

I need to start thinking about my playlist… I hardly run with music anymore, so tell me what you’re listening to!

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