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Throat Punches.

These past two weeks have just been ridiculous. I decided I needed to start a list of things that have deserved throat punches over the past 10 days.

  • Fever viruses. Claire had it–ran a super high fever. I thought she had the flu. Took her to Urgent Care and she was misdiagnosed with an ear infection. Which leads to my next throat punch…
  • Idiot Doctors. You went through 8 years of school. You should be able to correctly diagnose an ear infection. AND know that there is a fever virus going around. C’s ENT did when we took her. Which leads to the next throat punch….
  • Copays. Claire has tubes put in her ears yesterday.. $550. $200 for the hospital and $350 for the ENT’s office.
  • Our Water Department. They have apparently been reading the wrong meter for 3 months.. we thought we had a leak somewhere, so we paid someone $300 to come out and check. Our water bill came in.. it was $95. J called and turns out they’ve been charging us for someone else’s water.
  • Our mail lady. STOP MIS DELIVERING OUR MAIL!!!
  • Fever viruses. Addy now has the stupid thing.
  • Non-self cleaning houses.
  • Shopping with two kids.
  • Non- church appropriate Easter dresses. Where are appropriate Easter dresses?! Why is everything skankified?
  • Accidental full bangs. Yep. Somehow I have ended up with a haircut I absolutely hate. I honestly feel claustrophobic under the bangs. I want to claw my face off. That’s normal, right?

Hopefully, my week will turn around, but geez. It’s been a little insane around these parts.

Claire came out of surgery and I have the best friend that offered to work so C would have a familiar face in the OR. I cannot thank Becca enough for being there since it eased my mind for Claire’s surgery. ( I know. It’s tubes. It took 5 minutes to do. But, still. My baby had to go into the OR and I was worried she would be scared.)

Anyway.. Have you wanted to punch anything in the throat this week?

Also.. what are your Easter plans?


I’ve got some exciting news to share.

While it has been an extremely tough decision to make, we decided it was time for me to go back to work full-time.

I’ll be honest. I was in my comfort zone. I know what I am doing at home.

But financially, it’s the right decision for our family right now.

I interviewed this morning and I got the job I applied for and I start Monday. Whew! Yikes!

I’m going to try to stay on top of time managing, but if I am in and out over the next few weeks while we adjust to this, don’t leave me!

Expect more outfit pics though… since I will be wearing more than yoga pants in the coming weeks.

I cannot say how awesome it is to have the amazing family and friends that I do. All the texts and phone calls really mean to world to me. You guys rock!!

In other news… we started watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

I thought it was going to be super cheesy and I was skeptical that maybe I wanted to like it just because I’m obsessed with sparkly vampires.

But, it’s actually a really good show.

¬†Boone, Damon, I don’t what you want to call Ian.. he is hotness and if he were starring as a paper bag, I’d watch it.

He is so hot, it’s not even fair.
Anyway, so I’m obsessed with this show. Have you watched it?
Also, I need work clothes.. tell me where to shop!

Yikes! Terrible Blogger…

Y’all.. I am not trying to be a terrible blogger, I swear! Life just got a little on the cray cray side. My sis and family came home Friday (YAY!!), then Addy’s first real gymnastics meet was Saturday morning.. that deserves a post ALL on it’s on. Competition gymnastics could have it’s own tv show like Toddlers and Tiaras. I’m not even kidding. Then, my nephew James’ birthday party was Saturday evening and we got to meet EMH!! She is a doll and fit right in with the girls. I see the making of best friends forever!

Girlfriend loves some technology! She was flipping through my iPhone and LOVES having her picture taken!

Then Sunday, I had a mild mental breakdown (we all knew it was coming, right?!). Too much stress, Addy is constantly arguing with me, and back talking. Nothing is working. So, if you have any advice about that, please drop it in the comments. She would argue with me that the sky was blue. And Monday, she argued with her gymnastics teacher in front of me! Yikes!

Anyway, I ran Monday. It felt wonderful. 2 miles in 19 minutes. I also did some arm exercises. I need to start adding weights to my workouts, so if you have any quick tips, I’m all about it. :)

Tuesday, we spend the morning with EMH and the girls played so well! Addy had a cavity filled that morning and has completely chewed up her lip from it being numb. It looks awful. :( All swollen. It looks like she’s been in the wrong end of a bar fight, but I assure you, she hasn’t. :)

Hopefully, things can settle down and I can get back to my regular blog stalking now that I am not running errands for people out of the country. :)

I’m Alive.. no worries. Unless you didn’t want me to be,

Hi all. It’s me. 
I’m alive. 
Much like Kenny Chesney. 
I’ve had a CrAzY busy couple of weeks and honestly, needed to drop some balls that I was juggling.
 I am all caught up. 
Much like Usher. 
So.. I give to you.. my past two weeks via my iPhone.. (which I now realize is totally copying Neely.. sorry, yo. It wasn’t intentional.) 
I ran 10 miles. It was glorious and not that painful. Which makes me quite hopeful for Savannah in 32 days. 
I had dinner with the Big Guy. 
I wore a dress you could see through.. by accident. 
I learned the hard way not to wear high heels the day after running 10 miles, no matter how NOT sore your legs were that morning. 
I ate BBQ. KIDDING. I most certainly did not. But a lot of people did. Including the Tide. Sorry Pig Sooie fans. 
One of the reasons I love The Zone… 
I ate my weight in cheesy potato wedges. 
Had a date night with the Hubs.. and had a stranger ask me if I was going to the Fair. Which I was not. 
My outfit for Savannah came in.. and the shorts are monsterously large and short. Good combo! 
And last but not least… we had a sickness invade one of our children that allowed me to stay home from Gainesville. 
I may or may not have had a little cry about it.. since on my 30 by 30 list is to go to every SEC stadium.. and we only play Florida about once every 5 years.. so… it’s not going to happen. BUT, it should totally count, right? I mean.. I’ve seen them 4 other times. RIGHT???
Anyway.. as you can tell.. or maybe not? I am not doing a giveaway at my 400th post.. I do have the things needed for said giveaway, but just no time right now. 
So.. eventually, grasshopper. 
Bare with me.. as I have lost blogging motivation. I am trying to do better. 

Updates in pictures

Two years ago, I set out in my photography journey. 
I wanted to have an awesome Christmas card. 
So, I set it up and had Linda take our picture. 
Two years later, tons of hours editing, researching, and practicing later… John asked me to re-do the family picture. He said it was terrible. He wanted the same shot, but just better. So I turned that into our Project 12 for the month and a mini-photo shoot for the family. 
Just a tad different, don’tcha think?
I am almost embarrassed about that first picture.. I was so proud and it’s terrible. I’ve learned a little bit more about exposure and white balance, but for me, photography is about constantly studying and getting better. If you think you know it all, it’s time to get out. 
This is Classic Claire.
Linus and her blanket..
I love this picture. 
Of course I got gussied up and had John take my picture!
I hope you enjoyed my mini-session with the kids!
I was supposed to be giving the garage an acid bath, but I have apparently sniffed too many fumes, I have been banned from working in there anymore and he is going to finish it. Who knew that you could literally get sick from smelling paint thinner fumes? Don’t worry.. I have before and after pictures of the garage to share with you soon.. it’s only been a project for 3 weeks. 
Happy Friday, Y’all!!


I ended up calling my OB/GYN yesterday and this is how the phone conversation proceeded:

Me: Hi! I’m a patient of Dr.F’s and I am having some problems. I started having cramps last night in my lower abdomen around my ovaries, and then proceeded to start throwing up. I haven’t thrown up today, but I am really hurting around my ovaries and was wondering if maybe I had a cyst to rupture? I would just like to talk to one of the nurses,please.”

Mean Lady: “Well, she is going to want you to come in. How is Friday afternoon?”

Me: I can’t do Friday. Is there anything sooner?

Mean Lady: Well then, can you do Tuesday? (In a snooty voice)

Me: *sigh* yes, Tuesday is fine. Am I still going to get to talk to a nurse today? Can someone call me back?

Mean Lady: Oh no. That’s not likely.

Uhhh okay. Please tell me, what is the point of having doctors if and when you have a FREAKING problem, you can’t get into see them that day? Please tell me how 6 days from now, this dr. appt is going to help me? This is ridiculous. I didn’t call to be cock blocked by some stupid receptionist. I wanted to talk to someone. To see what I can do to aliviate pain. I can’t even pick up my daughter b/c it hurts. Please tell me how this helps anyone?? Besides, when you go to these drs it’s an all day affair anyway.

But, I am already feeling better. Just a little sore and extremely bloated. I have a muffin top over my jeans. I prefer elastic waist pants today.

On a different note… My weight loss is going pretty well. I got down to 136.5 a couple of weeks ago, and the WW peeps decided I needed less points and I kind of fell apart. And got sick. And with the bloating, I am back up to 139. Which isn’t so bad. But I wanted to be 135 at Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t look like that will happen. Sad day.


Happy Friday! I wanted to update you on my friend Liz. I was misinformed, she was going to an ultrasound of her breast and then if they radiologist wanted to, a mammogram. So, there was a mass, but the radiologist said that it was dense breast tissue from breastfeeding for too long. I told her she needed to STOP breastfeeding Ansley (she is 2!!!) immediately! It was getting borderline creep-o! Anyway, so thanks for the good vibes and prayers for Lizziola!

Also, one of my best friends, Mallory has started a blog!!! You should go over and check her out because she is awesome. She is so stinkin’ cute and one of the most precious people you will ever meet. Plus, she has amazing style. Seriously, her house is amazing!!! So, go tell her Welcome to Blogging!

Life… Updated.

I swear. I have been such a slacker blogger lately. But, I haven’t neglected your blogs. I’m going to try to catch you up quickly. 
Baby shower for Taylor.. I love my girls!
Addison listening to her iPod.. which is John’s old one. Don’t think we went out and bought her her own iPod. 
I got a new car and it’s awesome. 
I had another dinner with great friends! 
Man alive, I love these ladies! Can you say Sista From Another Mista?
I also enjoyed my very first green beer. Fun times. 
In other news, John has given me the go ahead and quit my other job and concentrate on photography full time. {Insert squealing here.} Sooo… if you need a photographer…. :)  

General Updates

I realized that there have been some things that I had lacked in blogging about. I didn’t realized that I hadn’t talked about changing my hair color until after I posted all the Disney pics. I went dark, peeps. And I like a LOT more than I thought I would. It’s darker than what I had in mind.. I wanted more of a Carrie Bradshaw in SATC movie, but got more Selena Gomez. But, it’s cool! It didn’t fade as much as I thought, but I dig. I hope you dig too! :)  
( P.S. Addison just came over here and asked who this girl was and when I told her it was me, she stated, ” But.. it doesn’t look good!)

Also, the night before we left for Disney, we went to go see Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker in concert. It was awesome! We ordered our tickets through the fan club( nerdy) and so we didn’t know where we were sitting until we picked up our tickets at will call. Well, people, we were on the second row!!! Philly said my my face was priceless as we were walking down to the floor. Being our normal chatty selfs, we got sucked in to a convo with the peeps next to us, and I felt a kindred soul in the 13 year old sitting next to us. She loved RF and was so excited to be there. I took it upon myself to make sure she had a good time. These 16 year old skanks ended up in the 3 seats directly in front of me and tried to sneak two of their friends in those seats with them. *Note to skanks- 5 people don’t fit in 3 peoples seats. The 13 year old couldn’t see, so I, told upon myself to find my inner bitch( trust me, it wasn’t that hard) and tell those girls ( who had already been told by security to move ) to get back in their seats. She wanted to say something, but thought better of it since I was giving her the stern mommy look. It doesn’t work on my kids, but it totally works on other people. I also had to call security on those biatches later because they tried to sneak back!! Seriously?!!? 3 times they got into trouble. Sounds like someone’s parents have their work cut out for them.

So, do you like the hair? Any more thoughts on the cleanse? Tips to get me back on my running game? I’m planning on running the Rock N Roll half marathon in Nashville… who’s with me? Also, I’m setting a goal of 25 miles a week running wise. Who’s gonna help pump me up?


In case you haven’t read my tweets. I have been sick. My car had to be serviced on Monday, so Claire and I ventured to Birmingham and did some Christmas shopping, which, I am almost finished with! Whoo! Since the stroller wouldn’t fit in the loaner car, I was destined to hold her as we walked around the mall, which I didn’t think through very well, because she became extremely heavy and I also had to hold bags. Birmingham has apparently gotten a new Target that is the biggest in the U.S. or something like that, so we went to check it out. It was quite massive. But not massive enough to hold a size 2 1/2 pair of black Chuck Taylors with the white tips for James birthday. Anyway, at that point, Claire and I were tired of Birmingham and they couldn’t tell me anything on my car so we headed back home. Which is a good thing, because they didn’t call me until 6:00 to tell me that they needed to keep my car. Anyway, I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I scarfed down some goldfish crackers and headed to the gym. When I got home, I ate a lean cuisine and took a shower. ( Have I mentioned that my $160 hair dryer died on me two weeks ago? It started blowing cold air, and of course, the warranty was out. Grrr.) I got to use my new $200 T3 hair dryer and ohmylordisitamazing? Best money I have ever made my husband spend. Plus, it was a lifetime warranty from Sephora. Anyway, I woke up around 2:30 and was just nauseous. I was able to go back to bed but an hour later, I woke up again and knew I was going to vomit. And I did. It was gross. When I woke up about 6:30, I felt awful. My hips were killing me, I was extremely tired and weak, and I was still having some nausea. I ended up starting to run a fever and had to have John come and take me to the doctor. They tested me for flu- have you ever had that done? It felt like they were trying to scrape my brain. I pretty much screamed the whole time and poor Claire was sitting in my lap and I was squeezing her arm. It was negative, so he could just treat the symptoms. I ended up passing out when we got home and felt a little better after I woke up, and I tried to eat a sandwich for supper and ate about 4 bites of it and had to stop. I was in the bed at 7:15. I feel better this morning but my head is killing me. I have an occipital trigger point, which causes these AWFUL headaches that make me want to stab my eyeballs out. So, I am going to get that injected today. On the bright side, I have lost 4 lbs!

Sorry for the pity party, but this is what my life has been for the past 48 hours.

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