September 11, 2012

Training Tuesdays

*Let’s take a moment to remember those who lost their lives 11 years ago today. We should all say a special prayer for those families.* Well, I’m not really training for anything at the moment, but since training never really stops… I want to continue my swimming and biking and running, but marathon season is […]

August 8, 2012

Reaching goals…

I am a task oriented person. Let me write out a To Do List, and I will break my neck to make sure I am able to cross it off my list. My 30 before 30 list is no different… So, when 2012 rolled around, I took some of those goals and put them with […]

July 15, 2011

The Girls.. In Video

I found a video of Addy the other day when she was Claire’s age. You could only understand about every 4th word she said, but I started crying. I don’t have a ton of my girls on video. Pictures? Of course. Oodles. But video of their sweet voices? Nope. I vowed to change that.Starting with […]

June 16, 2010

Busy Week… for our Doctors

Sunday afternoon was just like any other lazy day. We had just come in from the pool where Addison and Claire both had a blast and really, FINALLY, started swimming. Claire has gotten into this new habit of stealing Addison’s shoes that are haphazardly laying around and sticking them on her hands. It really peeves […]

January 23, 2010

Addison cuteness

Lately, I am starting to get a glimpse of what the next 15 years are going to be like with Addison. She is all attitude! She is really into knowing what the names of songs are and who sings them. She has been cracking me up with some of her quotes lately and I feel […]

January 21, 2010

Your Welcome

Just because I love you… here is the video John did from our trip to the BCS National Title Game. Yes, we snuck our camcorder in. We are high maintenance in the fact that we want HD quality footage from this game. Enjoy and Your Welcome! RTR!!!!

October 31, 2009

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween, Ya’ll!! Here is a super cute vid of the girls from yesterday… Addison is shaking a shaker in Claire’s face and she is lovin’ it!!! Hope you enjoy! I am starting to transform Addison into Tinkerbell and she is stoked! Happy Haunting and be safe tonight!

October 5, 2009

An Obsession with Dragons…

Not really sure how you can go from saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to talking about scary dragons, but Addison seems to know how. I tried to translate as much as I could, but the cutest thing is the fact she says, “I pledge allegiance to THAT flag”. And the scare-scare dragon part is because […]

September 19, 2009

Just something to brighten your day…

Do you certain things that are guaranteed to make you feel better? Maybe it’s getting a pedicure or your hair done. Maybe it’s a new outfit. Or a good movie. Or dancing in the kitchen. All of those things always make me feel better. But nothing is a guaranteed laugh like Anjelah Johnson. She is […]

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