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This weekend deserved a Ta-Da!!

This weekend was a little on the crazy side. Friday started with a bridal luncheon for John’s cousin that was getting married. And then of course, the McPhillips had a get together Friday night full of laughter, stories, pictures, pizza, and wine. (This is the reason I fit in so well.) I seriously love his family. All the cousins, aunts, uncles, babies– they are just fabulous to be around. 
Saturday started with Addison’s very first gymnastics jamboree/recital/thing. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t tear up at times. She looked so big, yet so tiny and vulnerable. She thought it was going to be a normal class, I think, because when she saw all the chairs, she freaked a little. But, calmed down and did her thing. 
Our first Ta Da! of the day. 

I had Dad video it, so you can see the Olympic goodness in my 4 year old. She dominates every event except the beam. Which I can’t blame her, that thing freaks me out too. Instead of posting a bazillion pictures, I’ll just post the shortened video. Dad took to heart when I told him I only cared about her being on it. He literally videoed her sitting and watching the other girls perform. Well done, Boompa. Well done. I now have 40 minutes of precious Addison video, of which I am only going to post about 5 minutes on here.

The part she was most excited about was her medal. Seriously. The running medals are rubbing off on her because she couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

One last Ta Da!! 
My Saturday then continued with a maternity session, some light yard work, and the gorgeous wedding. It was outside and I don’t think they could have asked for a more beautiful day. Tracie and I were told we were the life of the dance floor and passed our “sorority girl”dance moves onto another generation. You know, where you just shuffle your feet or move your hips and do all your dancing with your hands? It takes talent to not spill your drink too. 
We also may or may not have been the leaders of “Come on Ride This Train”… let’s not play. You know I spent the summer before 8th grade watching and learning the dance on MTV. You know you did it too. Just admit it. 
We ate breakfast with the cousins- Marie, Dave, Sarah, Scott, Ashlyn, Jay, Joseph, and Tracie. Even MeMac showed up! Then it was back to do some more yard work and trip to the ‘Mart before the girls arrived back home. 
It was a jam packed weekend, but super fun! 

Show Us Your Life

Happy Friday! Show Us Your Life Friday is back again! We are continuing on Part 2 of Weddings. I don’t have many pictures that we scanned onto my computer of the actual wedding party and it’s a little late to be working on it right now. So, I apologize. I really do have some cute ones.

We got married on August 6th, 2005. Once I got my dress, it was smooth sailing and one of the best days of my life. Since we are HUGE Alabama fans and my favorite color is red, I had to go with red bridesmaids dresses. I couldn’t tell you all of the flowers in the bouquets, just that there were some red berries and gerber daisies. I couldn’t tell you about all of the songs, but my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to Canon in D and John’s pastor sang “Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place” and “The Lord’s Prayer” while we lit the Unity candle. I just remember how nervous I was during the ceremony and that my sister and mother-in-law were sobbing loud enough to make me look at both of the them and almost lose it.

I’m sure most of you had to go through Pre-marital counseling through the church before you could get married there as well as we did. Our Pastor assured us with every meeting about how important it was to say the correct name. He told us a story of how when he and his wife were married their Pastor said the wrong name. He also said he made a point to say the correct name whenever he married a couple.

He pronounced us, “Mr. and Mrs. John McMichaels Jr”.

Can you guess what?

That ain’t our name.

We also have some comedians in our family because when Joseph and Tracie were doing their rehearsal last Friday their Pastor pronounced them “Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brian McMichaels”.

Oh, the comedy. Someone should be doing stand up.

This is our entire wedding party. My sister was my maid of honor, but she liked to refer to herself as the “old maid”. I also had my cousin, but most of my bridesmaids were friends from high school. We are all still really close.

Here is a picture of John’s family. Tracie just joined us this past weekend, but of course when this picture was taken, we didn’t know she exsisted. Sorry, Trace.

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