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That Time I raced Twice in One Day

Saturday started off early with a trip to Decatur and a triathlon start time of 7 am.. which meant that I went to bed at 9pm..

Triathlons involve a lot of crap.

 photo gear_zpsaf343e11.jpg

My transition area… On a rack with 2 Cervelos, a Specialized, and two other super nice bikes that I had never heard of.

 photo setup_zps3a5e503e.jpg


Let’s be real for a second.. I hate race day packet pick ups. I would much rather not have to worry about that with all the other crap going on. But this packet pick up? Was absolutely terrible. It was inside a pavilion and there were 4 (FOUR!!) different check points to get your stuff. And none of them clearly marked. One was to check in and find out your race number. Another was to pick up your two bibs (one for your bike and one for your body). Another one was to pick up your chip timer. And last, but not least, body marking. Ridiculous.

It makes me feel weird and like a poser to go from being one of the last people to get in the water last year, to being in the top 1/3 of people to line up. I keep waiting on people to realize I’m just a regular person and don’t deserve these awesome race corrals and fast bib times.

Moving on.. I went to the beach area and familiarize myself with the water temp and stick my face in the murky water as a reminder on how I won’t be able to see. We lined up, in a semi number order and it wasn’t long before I was in the water.. I started out too fast and was sort of panicking and reminded myself to slow my roll and just get to the finish. Once I rounded the buoy, I ran into some technical difficulties with a fellow swimmer.. She was all over the place.. zig zagging, swimming into people, and I just wanted around her. I ended up with a sinus full of lake water from one of her righteous kicks and I don’t want to relive that again.

  photo swim_zps52651356.jpg


I realized when I got into Transition that I had forgotten the gel I meant to take, but I didn’t stress. It wasn’t really necessary, I just wanted it for mental purposes. I got passed a LOT on the bike. Mostly by dudes.. and fast dudes. I didn’t let it get me down.. I was averaging mostly in the 16-17 mph range, which is faster than I normally cycle, so I was pretty pumped about it.

Going into this race, I wasn’t really feeling it. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I just wanted to be done with it.

When I got back into transition, I couldn’t remember which rack was mine… so I just had to search. Whoops. As I headed out of transition, my family was there waiting and cheering and I stopped and gave both girls kisses since I didn’t get to see them before the race start. This picture is me going in for the kiss… I promise I’m not about to hurl on them or anything.
 photo T1_zps0ed97289.jpg


The run portion was a gravel trail.. and I hate it. It feels longer than a 5K the way it weaves. I was struggling and all over the place with my pace.. I really hate summer heat too. With about a half a mile left, I felt someone smack my butt and yell, “Get it in gear!!” I whipped around, because.. well.. someone smacked my behind! It was Shannon and she was just the push I needed to over take the girl in front of me that had a 29 written on her right leg… AKA  in my age group. I kept up with her until the her final kick, and  I could feel that chick on my heels, so I kicked it up a notch myself for a finish.  photo wetdogfinish_zps671651be.jpg


Overall, I was very pleased with my results from this years Wet Dog Triathlon. It was a 22 minute PR off of last year and I feel like I am getting a little bit more confident in these things. My time was 1:17:50, putting me 9th in my Age Group. Not too shabby for my 4th Tri.

As we were packing up our gear, Donnie and Shannon said, “C’mon! Let’s go to Homewood and do the Retro Run tonight! It’ll be fun!” Hubs and I needed to find a sitter first and we did. We met them following the wedding, and headed down. People had some awesome costumes for this run and it’s sort of like a giant block party. We saw several Cullmanites and they all exclaimed, “Uh, Didn’t you do a TRI THIS MORNING?!” Yep. I did. I’m a crazy person. But not really.. just always up for a fun race. On the way down, Donnie just kept talking about how he had never ran this race and it not rain… As we lined up at the start line, it started to pour. I was not a happy camper because, well, I hate to run in the rain and most importantly, I had my phone in my hand prepared to take pictures of the costumes.

The gun went off and I was with Shannon for about the first half-mile and I was quickly trying to chase her and keep her in my sights, but little did I know that she was chasing a fellow C-towner who is wicked fast… needless to say, the first mile was done in 8:13 and I was TOASTED. That plus the rain? Just stick a fork in this girl. The course wasn’t easy either, reminding me how hilly Homewood is. I wasn’t planning on racing this, just running and hoping for something around 30-31 minutes and was surprised to see my watch say 28 when I rounded the final stretch. I honestly think I finished in the 28′s, but the timing was done with a gun start and I forgot to stop my garmin when I crossed the finish line. My official time was 29:38, and that put me 10th in my Age Group.. what?!

 photo RetroRun_zpsd78abad3.jpg

Beer me. Times 5.
 photo 3f413ca3-8427-4a22-a985-505e79cff683_zpsf36321f1.jpg

Hubs met me at the finish line and exclaimed that I needed to lengthen my stride… umm.. okay. They had post race Jim N Nick’s BBQ and Bud Light… I had mine and J’s share and by the end of the night.. well.. I was singing very loudly to “Rock the Casbah” and dancing on the sidewalk. I wasn’t alone though, Shannon was right there with me. Whew.

I’m not going to lie.. running two races in one day makes me feel sort of Bad Ass and probably the deciding factor in me doing it, because I promise it wasn’t the $35 race fee plus having to buy my husband a plate of Jim N Nicks BBQ.

Have you ever raced twice in one day? What have you done that makes you feel like a total Bad Ass?


Lake Weekend

We ventured to Tuscaloosa to visit Hubs brother, Jay, this weekend. The girls love spending the night with him and always have a blast.

Sunnies on a car trip as a must…

 photo sunnies_zps5a99fcfd.jpg

We got there in enough time to head out on the lake Saturday afternoon and the girls enjoyed showing off their hard work from swim lessons.
 photo lake_zpsfca04b2e.jpg

Addy went on her first Sea-Doo ride with Jay and she drove it and got it up to 23 mph!!
 photo seadoo_zps8346289b.jpg

She’s a natural!! P.S. How big does she look?! :(
 photo Addyseadoo_zps87a2e831.jpg

We ate at a Mexican restaurant close to the lake for supper and rented Brave, but I’ll be honest.. I was asleep by 9:30! We woke up Sunday morning, and headed to Krispy Kreme for some delicious breakfast! (Raise your hand if you saw that chocolate sprinkled doughnut and immediately thought of Candy Crush..)
 photo donuts_zpsb66dceaf.jpg

Claire enjoyed sitting on Jay’s shoulders, checking out the weather.
 photo JayandC_zps60669ff7.jpg

We spent a few hours on the lake again, in between the rain showers. Addy had another spin on the Sea-Doo..
 photo JayandAddy_zps3b265768.jpg

On our way through Birmingham, I spotted this beautiful rainbow over downtown… Gotta love the Magic City!
 photo rainbow_zpsf379ee15.jpg

It was an awesome weekend!


Weekend Rewind

We headed to Tuscaloosa Friday night, since Alabama was playing Texas A&M.

We ended up going to watch the Tide opener in basketball. While I don’t care for basketball, I took one for the team and went so all the boys could go. I spent most of my evening people watching the fans that would go up to Trent Richardson in the stands and get his autograph.


Hubs and I watching some Hoops.


We got up at 5:00 to go set up the tailgate. I normally go run at this point, but decided not to, since I have the sickies. I haven’t ran all week and it just ticked me off.

We stopped at Panera where I saw they have poser blue cups.


B Lee has come back into our lives after a hiatus… he enjoyed a Starbucks muffin at the tailgate.


We have priorities…



Yep. Priorities with Kirk Herbstreit.


I was trying to get my vitamin C in to help my sickies.


Hanging with all my friends….


Just kidding. More people actually showed up.

Philly and myself at the game…


One of my favorite parts of the Pre-game is our video sequence.


We did a Veterans Day Half Time performance..


Can I just say that I was against inviting Texas A&M and Missouri into our conference? And obviously with good reason. Going into this weekend, I had no clue who “Johnny Football” was. And I wish I still didn’t. That kid is elusive and a Houdini in some situations. He left me completely dumbfounded. We had our chances to win that game and kept making stupid mistakes. At least we still have the SEC Championship to look forward to, as long as we beat Auburn.

I am here to tell you, that breaking down a tailgate AFTER a loss is terrible.

I felt deflated.. like the tent.


B Lee is hanging with the satellite dish


We have the sads.


We ended up driving back Saturday night. I had a photo session with the sweetest family and then worked at the store.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Rewind

My weekend was pretty low key and rad…

Like hearing this little gal singing Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs.. yes. This is what she does. ALL. DAY. LONG.

Ran into this gal outside of Ruby Tuesday’s Friday night…


In which, later I ran into my nemesis… I was so pumped to be in a cute outfit with lip gloss on and she looked like she rolled out of bed. (I wasn’t going to blog about that, but I’m still riding that high.)

Hubs and I enjoyed a lovely dinner that should have been live tweeted or at least have it’s own reality show… Our convos consisted of things like this:

Hubs: “Oktoberfest is going on. I bet they’re all ‘Arg! Drink German beer! Arg’”

Me: “I don’t think they were German pirates…”

Hubs: “I bet they were all, ‘Arg. Drink Beer! Hail Hilter!’”

Another classic was him telling the waitress he was sending his fish back “Because it tastes too fishy.” DUH. YOU ORDERED FISH.

We ended up going to Oktoberfest and ran into this favorite lady… and then I had a blueberry beer which was delicious!


Let’s not forget my race PR Saturday… which was followed by a bunch of this…


I did work on that list… some.

Sunday we went Halloween costume shopping– it was uneventful. And stressful.

But we enjoyed a delish lunch at Red Robin…


I am happy to report that we found those Essie nail polishes on Amazon and half of them have come in… YAY.

I have also made the ridiculous decision to start the Paleo diet tomorrow… I’m hoping for at least two weeks out of it, to see how I feel. We shall see..

Anyone tried it?!

Weekend Wrap Up…

My weekend started extremely early Saturday, by leaving my house by 6:45 to drive 2 hours for Addy’s gymnastics meet.

Good thing she is cute.

I will say, I think this weekend was a valuable competition lesson. She doesn’t bring her A game for competitions. She was thrown into an age group that contained both 5 and 6 year olds and this was a first for her. She didn’t earn a red or a blue ribbon. She came in consistently in 5th place. Which, is fine with me, as long as she is trying her best. But, she isn’t. 

They gave out special sashes and flowers to the girls who scored the highest on each event.. Addy (and the rest of her team) were pretty upset about not getting this. Philly and I discussed the night before how I thought Addy would finally “get” that it was a competition when she didn’t receive a blue or red ribbon. I think I was right. She has been wanting me to watch her cart wheels all weekend for pointed toes and straight legs.

I hurried back for a much anticipated date with Becca to see this:

Let’s not even talk about how mad I am at the ending. It’s total crap and made me hate the movie.

It needed more of Channing with his shirt off.

Side Note.

Have we talked about this?

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I didn’t think so.

It rocks my face off. You need to read it. Katniss is a way better character than Bella.

I started re-reading the series this weekend.. it’s amazing.

Moving on…

Did y’all watch the Grammy’s last night?

Where are these people’s stylists??!?!

The dress, I can live with. Not the blue hair. No honey, just…. no. 

Fergie, I believe you left the rest of your dress at home. 

No.. just… no. 

Also.. I find this hilarious. I do not know why.

What did you think of the Grammy’s?

Have you read the Hunger Games? I can’t wait until March 23rd.

What did you think of The Vow? I’m still mad to think about it.

I’m Alive.. no worries. Unless you didn’t want me to be,

Hi all. It’s me. 
I’m alive. 
Much like Kenny Chesney. 
I’ve had a CrAzY busy couple of weeks and honestly, needed to drop some balls that I was juggling.
 I am all caught up. 
Much like Usher. 
So.. I give to you.. my past two weeks via my iPhone.. (which I now realize is totally copying Neely.. sorry, yo. It wasn’t intentional.) 
I ran 10 miles. It was glorious and not that painful. Which makes me quite hopeful for Savannah in 32 days. 
I had dinner with the Big Guy. 
I wore a dress you could see through.. by accident. 
I learned the hard way not to wear high heels the day after running 10 miles, no matter how NOT sore your legs were that morning. 
I ate BBQ. KIDDING. I most certainly did not. But a lot of people did. Including the Tide. Sorry Pig Sooie fans. 
One of the reasons I love The Zone… 
I ate my weight in cheesy potato wedges. 
Had a date night with the Hubs.. and had a stranger ask me if I was going to the Fair. Which I was not. 
My outfit for Savannah came in.. and the shorts are monsterously large and short. Good combo! 
And last but not least… we had a sickness invade one of our children that allowed me to stay home from Gainesville. 
I may or may not have had a little cry about it.. since on my 30 by 30 list is to go to every SEC stadium.. and we only play Florida about once every 5 years.. so… it’s not going to happen. BUT, it should totally count, right? I mean.. I’ve seen them 4 other times. RIGHT???
Anyway.. as you can tell.. or maybe not? I am not doing a giveaway at my 400th post.. I do have the things needed for said giveaway, but just no time right now. 
So.. eventually, grasshopper. 
Bare with me.. as I have lost blogging motivation. I am trying to do better. 

Fun at the Lake

After the midnight run..which I haven’t blogged about.. slacker. 
It was awesome- I wanted a sub 30 min 5K- didn’t happen but I shaved 2 minutes off my PR with a 30:25. So I am pretty pleased with that. Running at midnight = awesome. Except for being tired and then needing to run 4 more miles to make for 7.. which did NOT happen. My legs wanted to unattach themselves from my body and run away. 
Moving on.. Saturday we went to the lake with Rebecca, Robbie, Taylor, and MammaBo and Bobby. The girls had a blast and it was a fantastic time. Lots of laughing, swimming and FOOD. Seriously some delicious food!! 
Robbie was kind enough to send me all his pictures from the trip.. since I haven’t even unloaded my memory card onto my computer.. Yikes. Slacker again. 
Not sure where she gets this…
Claire enjoys jumping off the diving board 

Sweet baby.. such a little fish! 

Someone is being Superman

He enjoyed Robbie as paparazzi 

I swear.. this next one- John was trying to help her- she tried to jump out but her legs got stuck. This better not end up on Fail Blog.

Parenting FAIL. 

Umm Ok. 

Hey look! I made a picture!
What? You mean, you DON’T get your swim cap and goggles out and throw up gang signs?? How are we internet friends??

Garage Make-over

Hi. I am alive. I’ve been busy with projects and sickly kiddos, but I am back. And I will be showing you what I have been working on for the last month. 
The Garage.
I can’t find my very first before picture, so you don’t get to see that no one could park in this bad boy. I completely cleaned it out, threw away a truck load of stuff, including 3, that’s right, T-H-R-E-E Christmas trees. 
I moved all Christmas decorations out to the storage shed, and all clothes to the attic. I re-organized a lot of stuff. There is still some organization to be done, but I am pleased with the outcome. 
Along with all the organization going on, I scraped up all the old chipping paint on the floor. It was awful. Three weeks, it took me. In my defense, it probably wouldn’t have taken that long if I were just going to Lowe’s to pick up the paint remover, but Philly was ordering it through the store and they only get a truck once a week. It was a nightmare, and I did it all by myself and ended up making myself sick sniffing the fumes. 
But, then John banned me from helping with the rest, but which kinda ended up ticking me off since it took a total of 4 hours to complete over the course of two days. 
Anyway, here is the before picture. 
Some of the paint was totally stubborn
So, Friday evening, we moved everything out of the garage, and I mean everything that was on the floor. We did the acid bath on the floor as a clean and prep kind of thing. It sounded scary but was super easy. 
You mix it with water, spray off the garage floor with a hose, and then sprinkle the acid stuff on the floor, agitate with a stiff bristle brush, and then rinse off again. 
You get to wear awesome outfits too
Yep. No make up. Wet hair. And a Cherry Coke. Friday nights are exciting! 
Our stuff was everywhere!
Hey look! More stuff! 
Doesn’t everyone keep their refrigerators on the sidewalk?
Old school Oakleys.. too bad the acid ate the tint off. 
Dropping the acid… on the floor. 
Modern day Cinderella
 It needs to set for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. So, we got up Saturday morning to paint the floor. You mix the paint color with the Epoxy and it has to set for 30 minutes before using and then you have 2 hours to use it. 
You paint in small sections
 and then spread the flakes.. that was my job. 
It has to dry for 24 hours before you can walk on it, and then 72 hours until you can drive a car on it. 
Finished product.
Maybe your wondering where all the stuff went that didn’t need to sit outside in 100 degree temperatures for 72 hours… well. That answer is the inside of our house. There was STUFF everywhere. It make Philly very cranky. I can’t believe he doesn’t like to step over a wagon to get to his bedroom. 
Verdict? I love the floor. It’s amazing. And the garage is so clean. I highly recommend doing this if you have unpainted concrete. It’s not that hard to do. The scraping? I’m not sure I would do that again. It was miserable. Or maybe if I had a helper, would I consider doing that again. 

All I want to do is a ma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom…

Just shake ya RUMP! This morning I ventured out into the cold for the Rumpshaker 5K. In case you didn’t know, March is Colon Cancer awareness month. Parking was kind of an issue. They had to delay the race because it was so bad. Plus, it was colder than I expected. So, shorts and a t-shirt didn’t really cut it! I ran with my best friend, Jana and her sister Haley, who is a super runner. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to hang with them b/c Haley is a super runner! Anyway, about 200 yards into it, there was a hill and I was progressively getting behind them, until finally Jana turned around and waved. Ha! I always forget how hard the transition is from treadmill to road and it was kicking my tail. My legs were going numb b/c of the cold and wind-which was killer! I had to stop at one point and take off my shoe to adjust my sock b/c it was cutting circulation off. I was extremely happy to find a water station about halfway through. The course itself, was relatively flat, but nothing to look at, since it ran through not the greatest part of Birmingham. Jana and Haley came back through to run the last little bit with me and informed me that Jana tried to outrace a walk/runner with the name “Goose” on the back of his shirt, so she sprinted the last bit and as she crossed the finish line, she vomited in her hands. But, she beat “Goose” so, I guess it was worth it? I finished around 34 minutes and Jana was around 28 and Haley at 27- good thing I didn’t try to hang with those two!
Lots of Goodies and two free t-shirts… so you can’t beat that!
Me and Jana-Post Race
Jana and Haley-Post Race
Jana, Me, and Haley- Post Race
After the race, we went to check Jana and Mark’s new house  that they bought, but haven’t moved into yet. It’s super cute, just like Jana!

All in all, it was a great Saturday!

Weekend Re-Cap

We started off our weekend by taking Addison to her first gymnastics meet. It was Alabama’s “Power of Pink” meet. We ate at Bento before the meet, and I am telling you, that I experienced the longest fall known to man kind. I am not kidding. John had time to turn around and ask, “Are you okay?” before I hit the ground. And I hit the ground. HARD. On all fours. On one of the busiest streets in Tuscaloosa. In front of one of the most popular bars. Luckily, no one was outside said bar, but trust me, the street was crowed and I know someone was saying, “Oh my God, did you see that girl just bust it?!!?” As long as I don’t make YouTube, I am cool. Before going into the meet, I cracked Addison’s eye with the seat belt, so she was cut and is now sporting a black eye. Cool Mom!

A little unsure, but excited nonetheless!

Cheerleaders are always a plus!

She has some great connections with her Uncle Jay and she got to go down on the floor afterwards and meet some of the gymnasts.

Here is Addison with Morgan Dennis, who is Alabama’s top gymnast. She is beyond awesome. Not the best picture, but…

On Saturday, John had to work and I had a photo session, but we went over to Mallory and Austin’s new house for some pizza that night. The girls just love them. Addison frequently asks if we can go see Mal and Aus- she is so cute!
John just lounged in the chair and watched the Olympics.
Mallory left Addison play with her camera, and she wouldn’t stop taking pictures.. it was so cute!
Mallory and Claire.. I definitely think they should work on one of these!
On Sunday, we made a trip to Target to look at some stuff for the house. I need to figure out what to do with my makeshift office, which is in the dining room. I need more storage. I may have to do a blog post and you guys can help me figure some stuff out. I love weekends where we don’t have to do anything but what we want to do… we aren’t homebodies at all, so it’s nice to be able to say, “Let’s jump in the car and go” Joseph and Tracie watched the girls while we went to Target and had a make-shift date night. I would much rather do dinner and a movie or dinner and a trip to Target than anything else.

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