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The Girls.. In Video

I found a video of Addy the other day when she was Claire’s age. You could only understand about every 4th word she said, but I started crying. I don’t have a ton of my girls on video. Pictures? Of course. Oodles. But video of their sweet voices? Nope. I vowed to change that.
Starting with Addison’s very first joke that she learned from Nana.

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Here is another one of Claire talking about eating hotdogs and going to the Zoo.

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Don’t you take all your dates to the Zoo?

A couple of a weeks ago, Becca, the girls and I met GiGi at the zoo.. All I have to say, is thank God for Addy and her sense of direction, because we would probably still be wandering around looking for the zoo entrance. 
We started with the Sea Lion exhibit… I’m telling you, the zoo has come a long way since I used to go in Kindergarten. 
We checked out the Alligators… 
We tried to check on the Kangaroos… but no go. Look at these little friends. So cute!! 
We spied on the Gorilla’s while they napped. 
We ( and when I say We, I mean Claire) had a couple of meltdowns, so we took a bathroom break and then a spin on the play ground area. 
“I think this is how you play these drums, Addy.”
“No, Taylor, it’s like THIS!”
“No, I’m pretty sure it’s like this.” 
“It DOES make more sound that way.”
“Let’s make this log a balance beam!”
Concentrate… on Domination. 
“Hey, where are you going? Come back so you can watch me dominate my landing.”
Robbie met us for lunch and we saw turtles, and running dogs, and what appeared to be house cats hanging out while their owners were at work. 
We saw some inappropriateness from giraffes, and some zebras. 
We also rode the carousel, which Claire doesn’t dig. But Addy pronounced it, “The best one ever!” and gave her “running dog” a kiss.  
Thanks for a wonderful time, GiGi!!! 

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